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We’re convinced, as an athlete, you’ve never considered milk to be this important!

milk for athletes


Every athlete has some good reasons to start seriously focusing on a healthy, well-balanced diet if that athlete aims to be the best he can! Nutrition helps you live a healthy life in general, being the number one reason responsible for every single type of life-threating or not disease. When in lack of a good nutrition, nothing in a human’s body cannot work properly also. That is why, whether you’re an athlete, a person who inspires to become one, or just someone trying to skip the disease part out of his/her life, should take this part very seriously.


But, the truth is, nutrition plays a very specific and important part in an athlete’s life as well. In general, when a sports endurance fanatic eats smart, he knows the food investment is all going into muscle repair and strong bones. Also, a realistic athlete knows the difference of drinking sport’s beverages all the time. They are something that experts don’t recommend in order to stop dehydration. There are plenty of other alternatives you can use. Especially if you are really aiming to stay healthy while staying hydrated and in shape for your performance.



Why milk is the number one beverage option?


Milk’s nutritional values are endless. Especially for people that are constantly in a high intensity activity whose body requires much energy deposits and hydration all the time. You see, milk’s proteins, minerals, vitamins, water and carbs are all absorbed really quickly by your body. This for a simple reason: Milk is not a complicated drink that requires our system to be specialized in understanding and processing all the complex formulas other beverages contain. When consuming drink as your number one beverage, it goes immediately to produce energy during your replenish nutrient stores after an intensive activity.


According to some researches, when athletes use milk as their post-workout hydration and also recovery beverage, they don’t only get a drink that is more effective than other commercially available sport drink. They get a drink that also affects athlete’s muscle growth and repairs them in a very intense and effective way.


Even though the recommended daily protein allowance for adult is around 0, 4 grams per pound (of your body weight), for athletes this number is way higher. According to your personal needs, you can choose the type of milk that best works for you. There are milk availabilities to suit every need, starting from low fat ones, high in calcium, high in energy etc.



Other reasons to choose milk over sport beverages


Milk is good news for athletes that struggle to eat before each activity. Products that contain milk are just another easy option to drink your energy. You can even skip the pre-exercise meal for good. Experts recommend adding milk while drinking smoothies that are loaded with other carbs and vitamins that fruits contain.


The best part about milk, is that it doesn’t cost much and is available everywhere. This magic drink is the most familiar thing we can put into our body. Especially since it is the first thing everyone drinks once we come into this life. Milk contains some of the most worthy minerals which are a-must for our bones, muscles and immunity. It contains one of the basic, most effective forms of protein. It is vital for an athlete to refuel and most importantly, repair the muscles.

Since milk is high in protein and has a very low Glycaemic Index, it helps you feel stronger for longer.



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