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Best Exercises to Prevent Injury during High Volume Training


Among the worst side effects of high volume training are stress fractures, muscle strains, and injured tendons.  Most of the time, too much volume and subsequent injuries can mean the death of your season and even your career.

To prevent injury, however, you want to focus on injury prevention early into the season so you arrive at peak fitness without complication.


Below are 4 exercises that will ensure your body holds up during the most intense of training schedules:



Jumping Rope


jumping rope


You may be thinking of boxers, football players, or other athletes that need to use their feet for much different purposes than a runner. For example  jumping high or moving their feet quickly to avoid an opponent, but jump rope is great for runners too.


There are many benefits to jump rope that include: better muscle stabilization, stronger tendons, and even stronger bones.


The constant repetition of jumping and landing on your feet is a great exercise to implement into the base phases of your training.


At the beginning of your next training season, try jump rope twice a week, after a short run, to receive the best results.




 Weight Training


weight training


Weight lifting is one of the best ways to prevent injury, strengthen your tendons and muscles, and cut time off of your PR.


The correct exercises will help strengthen your core and improve your form.  Form is very important for runners because the majority of injuries come from bad form.


If you aren’t already, immediately begin integrating weight lifting into your running schedule.  You will look better and feel stronger for it.







Dynamic Stretching




Though this isn’t a rigorous exercise, it does require more energy than static stretching.


There are many reasons why static stretching before a run is bad for your body. The main reason is that your muscles aren’t ready to be stretched or pulled until after they are warmed up.


Dynamic stretching includes high knees, jump squats, and knee lunges.  The exercise is meant to activate muscles groups in your body, priming it for the workout to come.






Post-Run Walks



post run walks


On tougher days, ones where you have completed a gut-wrenching workout on the track or an extra-distance run, going for a walk at the end of the day will save you from sore and tight muscles the next day.


Most of us are inclined to rest after a hard workout or long run, spending the rest of the day completing idle tasks or lying in bed.

This is bad for your body because of inflammation that occurs after a strenuous effort.


To recover, your body begins a number of processes to heal your muscles that are less effective because of inflammation.  Taking the time to walk at the end of the night on days you have exerted yourself will allow more blood flow into your legs, decreasing your recovery time.


There are many misconceptions about running that may be holding you back from an injury free season.  Try these four tips to eliminate injuries, improve your running form, and maximize your performance.



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