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3 most essential things every runner should know

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Running is one of the most popular physical activates people like to do. For those who don’t like running, it might seem like an easy and simple sport, but we can assure you it’s not. There’s a raft of scientific evidences that running has some health benefits almost no other activity can bring you. It can help us prevent cancers, keep our cardiovascular system healthy and strong, prevent type 2 diabetes, prevent obesity, regulate high blood pressure and also improves our mental and emotional health, with only 145 minutes of running a week.


So, now that you’ve learned some of the whys you should run, let’s get to the second part; rules to follow for a better running performance. Make your running experience an enjoyable one and get the best out of it by following some basic rules which are developed and approved by professional athletes and running enthusiasts worldwide. They are also scientifically approved, so read carefully.



Running requires a mental dedication


Running is one of the sports that require a strong mental focus when performing it. If you’re thriving for a professional type of running with full benefits, then, all of your other distracting thoughts should be erased.  Respect running and try to focus all of your energies and thoughts on your body movements, your muscles and breathing rhythm. When looking at the route, without thinking of anything else, you have given your muscles a boost to perform in a better and stronger way. One of the main tricks professional runners use when running is focusing on their breathing technique. Another mind trick you can try when running, is thinking you’re a professional running athlete who’s competing and everybody is looking at you. This will increase your performance by almost 20%! Pretty impressive right? What are you waiting for then? Get out and run…



Know when to rest


This is a very essential rule and it should never be broken. For any reasons! If you really want to get better at running and achieve certain body goals, then, resting is vital! Letting your muscles rest and heal after stressing your body with running and other physical activities, is as vital as your water and food intake. The real intention of each running session is to slowly progress and make your body be able to handle longer distances and faster running with less effort. So, follow this rule to get real results. Try to never run on a daily basis. At least two out of six days must be resting ones.  A big part of your resting process is also your sleeping routine. Especially when constantly running, a good amount of sleeping hours are twice as beneficial as some normal resting days. During the sleeping process, our body’s cells and muscles have the ability to self-regenerate.



Hydration affects your running performance


Much has been said about this topic, but, the thing is, there is only one simple truth: Proper hydration affects almost every area of your physical and mental life, and running is definitely a big part of them. Some of the main reasons why hydration must be well-calculated when dealing with running as your primary exercise, are:


Hydration increases your energy levels

Makes you more focused on your physical state

Eliminates/reduces cramps

Makes your heart work better and easier

Helps muscles and nerves properly function

Increases your speed and endurance


These are only some of the benefits hydration brings to every runner.  Another important thing to learn is the right time to hydrate. Never drink right before starting your running session or right after you finish it. Try to at least wait 30 minutes before and after each run. Then, during the day, you should constantly hydrate so your body can properly function and muscles can recover. Some of the main signs that indicate your need of hydration are headache, dark yellow urine, dry mouth and skin, feeling tired and sleepy and also, muscle and joints pain.


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