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Fitness Goals for 2018 You Should Start Working on Now


2017 is now gone and you can’t deny that you’ve already went through your last year’s resolution list to see whether you did well. Even if your last year’s goals ended up being just that; ‘goals’, that doesn’t mean you should start losing confidence and motivation to start over again.


With the beginning of 2018, you should feel ready than ever to star fresh, and work on some new, better, more effective goals that don’t only seem good on paper but that can easily fit into your daily routine, your time and budged.


You see, people tend to follow what other; ‘successful’ people do but forget the importance of creating your own resolutions that directly reflect your personal needs and capacities. We strongly suggest you to start working on the following goals by adjusting what it takes to make them completely yours but on the meantime, science has proved them to be essential when trying to work on both, your physical and mental health aspect.


Consume at least one mostly-vegetarian meal each day



This is a pretty easy and manageable change you can incorporate into your daily routine since after all, most of us have access to certain fruits and veggies that can be prepared and organized into a complete meal, right?


Just try to include as many veggies as you can to build a nice-looking, healthy and well-balanced salad. It can be accompanied with a chicken fillet or salmon on top. Adding certain fruits such as pomegranate or apples into the salad is a great way to get some extra vitamins and minerals. This isn’t only a super healthy meal, but also a great option for you to eat your recommended

daily fruits and greens into one single meal, which preferably would be at dinner time.


Go out more often


If you want to really boost your physical and mental health, spending time outdoors, especially by the sea or at your local park, should always be a priority for you. Whenever you find time into your daily schedule, or better yet, whenever you create time for you, it’s a great idea to go for a run or walk to freshen up your mind and make your muscles work.


Nothing good comes when working eight straight hours at office before hoping on your car and ending up spending the rest of the remaining hours at your couch. Sticking to a strict daily schedule that allows you to get enough sunlight during the day can significantly boost your metabolism, the way your body hormones work and most importantly your cardiac system.


Drink plenty of water




We know, everyone keeps repeating this advice and it looks like there is nothing left to be said regarding this matter. Well, it’s true. But as long as you don’t fully understand its importance, then we’re happy to repeat this habit as many times as it is needed.


Having a very tight schedule is not an excuse for you to ‘forget’ to drink enough fluids throughout the day. Leave a bottle with water, or better yet, detox water that your eye can easy catch. This is a very effective way to make your sip the miracle fluid enough during the day.








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