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Pedal Norfolk 2017

  The backdrop of the family-focused cycling festival will be the Holkham Hall in north Norfolk starting on Saturday 27th of May until on Monday 29th. This year, the collaborating charity partner will be the Walking With The Wounded. We should all expect this year’s festival to be bigger and…

recovery phase

  You don’t have to bike all year round to get the success you deserve. In fact, the truth is, you get to be more successful when you allow yourself a decent off-season break. Letting your body recuperate and your muscles recharge, means you will return stronger than ever.  …

stationary bike

  One of the most popular home exercise equipment available on the market, seem to be stationary bikes. There are many benefits you get to have when owning one of them, especially when compared to other, more expensive and old-fashioned home equipment.   The reason why so many people have…


  According to a latest study made by the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, if you’re a weekend warrior and ride your bike only on the weekends, you get the same benefits as the ones who ride during all week or every single day.   The research studied the cycling…

mountain biking

  Mountain biking is the most difficult form of riding. It surely does require some advanced cycling skills that include not only physical preparation but also, ability to manage the difficult terrains and weather conditions. Sometimes, repetition cannot fully prepare you for what it might come in your way when…

cycling record

  Robert Marchand just broke a world record on his age group by cycling 22.547 kilometers in one hour. As he set the new record, the crowd gave him a standing ovation valuating his hard work and commitment. He peddled at the velodrome complex in Saint Quentin en Yvelines outside Paris.…


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