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  The Paris-Nice Tour, ranked as UCI WorldTour, has already began on March 5th and it will last a full week (until March 12). On Monday, stage two took place along with heavy rain, wind and snow. Since the beginning of this tour, weather hasn’t been so great and the…

die-in protest

  The collision   The name of the dead cyclists isn’t made public yet. But, we know she was a female and was a member of Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club which is based in Dundrum. Less than 24 hours have passed since this tragic accident happened, and Gardaí have already…

build muscles

  Despite the fact world is constantly focusing on how to lose weight, there are many people who are actually struggling to build muscle and gain some additional pounds. Is perfectly normal to want this as long as you are naturally thin and, it seems, every effort you put into…

Serge Baguet

  The reason behind his death is colon cancer. He was diagnosed with this disease in late 2014 after experiencing several strong abdominal pains during a bike ride. At the time, the only measure doctors took on him was a surgery on an inflamed diverticulum and later, discovering a malignant…

Philadelphia Cycling Classic

  According to the Union Cyclist International, both, women’s and men’s editions of the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic have been cancelled. This due to difficulties attracting financial sponsors. They hope to return again in 2018.   Unfortunately, the women’s race has been part of the World Tour calendar for this…

spinning class

  Indoor cycling is a group of cycling exercises performed on a stationary bike. During these classes, the instructor is the one to simulate the ride and give all the necessary instructions. Whether you’re “cycling” on flat roads or climbing hills, you just have to keep riding despite the outside…


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