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4 ways to extend your mountain biking skills

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Mountain biking is the most difficult form of riding. It surely does require some advanced cycling skills that include not only physical preparation but also, ability to manage the difficult terrains and weather conditions. Sometimes, repetition cannot fully prepare you for what it might come in your way when cycling up in the mountains. You also need to learn some basic tips in order to better prepare your physical and mental state. Also, handle the ride without any risk.


Before choosing to ride in a difficult terrain, experts recommend to first practice your biking skills. This, by slowly observing your progress until you feel fully comfort with different kinds of terrains and riding methods. While following and learning tips, the ultimate thing you need to remember, before reading what we have to say, is listening to your inner voice. Learn to read and understand your limits without overpassing them. With the right combination of your physical preparation, the right diet and enough fluids, and also, with the right riding techniques, you will definitely be able to fully enjoy the ride of your life when up in the mountains….

Here are our suggestions when it comes to increasing your rate of success and become an expert in mountain riding:



Perform an advanced warm up session


One of the biggest mistakes you can do when preparing yourself for a mountain ride, is to skip the warm up session. If you don’t want your “great” riding skills to lead you to some serious problems down the trail, then, keep in mind that you should never skip this part! Take it easy, start cycling in a slow, easy mode for at least 30 minutes before you begin with the real deal. Take deep, rhythmical breaths.Try to control it by focusing on its rhythm, your chest moves and endurance. You need to learn to properly focus on your body potentials by organizing your energy and skills all at one place; your mind.



Bring the right drinks and food


Bringing the right kind of food and drinks when on long mountain rides, is something you need to take very seriously. After learning which are the right types of fluids and foods to bring along, you also should know that one of the most common cyclists mistakes is consuming them during the last part of the ride. You should always, even if you feel hydrated enough, start slowly consuming them since the start of the ride. That’s because your body should have all the necessary time to properly process them in order to allow the right amount of energy to be broken down and keep you going. Now, for the most important part, the kinds of fluids and foods you need to prepare for the ride should be the ones which are specifically designed to carry you through the distance. Bringing energy drinks and specific energy bars might be a clever way to handle all the activity. Try to study the effect each kind of snack leaves after you consume it. Then, select to take with you only the ones which doesn’t make you feel full. When the big day arrives, reward yourself with a big, healthy breakfast. Make sure it’s loaded with proteins and carbs that will boost your energy levels. Also, protect your muscles and bones while you keep rolling on those hills…



Learn to move your body


Especially when on difficult terrains, try to learn how to properly move your body. What experts recommend is to ride as smoothly as you can. Mountains riding require some specific advanced riding skills so here is the first one. Except your legs and hands, all the other part of your body should be completely separated from your bike. Your body should be away from it in order to allow it float and be able to move more easily. Also, be leaner while when on a rough trail. Staying contracted, especially in rock gardens and tight, difficult routes, you risk to get some serious injuries and fall from the bike.



Mind tricks and positivity


You will get surprised how much you can really benefit from preparing yourself mentally as well. Sometimes, the only difference between a great cyclist and an average one is their mental game. How each one of you tricks and plays with the mind, determines your overall riding performance. Especially when in a difficult, challenging route, it is essential to get your mental state prepared. Set some targets and believe in them. Don’t let your worries make you lose focus. When losing focus, you lose the abilities to protect yourself as well. Tell yourself you can do it, and you will! Try focusing on your route and breathing and don’t mind nothing else. Stay positive and think about your goals. While creating these magnificent memories, make sure to seal them with a smile.

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