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Inside Tom Brady and Gisele kitchen. Private Chef reveals their diet secrets

Tom and Gisele diet


Tom Brady, the New England quarterback, even though only 39 years old, he has just won his fifth Super Bowl title and also, was the MVP. But these are not the only special things he seem to own. His supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen and kids, have a private Chef ready to cook for them one of the most personalized and unique diets you can ever imagine.  Believe us, it is nothing like yours.


Their personal Chef, Allen Cambell, has made some quite interesting discoveries on their diet which only rich or obsessed people can really afford it.


Below, you will find what makes the diet of this family so special:


– They don’t eat white sugar and white flour.

– Almost 80% percent of what they consume is vegetables and fruits

– The other 20% percent is lean meat that is grass-fed and 100% organic. They occasionally eat duck and chicken and only consume wild salmon.

– They both love brown rice, quinoa and beans

– Tom only consumes bananas or other fruits on smoothies. Otherwise, he doesn’t like to consume them.

– They do only consume raw olive and coconut oil.

– Don’t consume coffee, nor caffeine and fungus

– They don’t consume any diary (that hurts…)

– His family only sticks to gluten free for everything

– They do only use Himalayan Pink salt. They never consume iodized salt.


Well, despite the fact this diet wouldn’t be cheap at all; experts don’t find it to be a healthy one. So, is bothering really worthy? Following some nutrition standards is always a good thing, for example, when trying to stick to raw and organic veggies and meats. Or, when you try to eliminate caffeine or replace white rice with brown. But, most of their diet beliefs seem to have no scientific bases. Some points of their diet “rules” aren’t tested or proved to be harmful. That is why; this diet might actually be a big “NO” when it comes to eating a healthy and in a balanced way which involves foods and elements from all macronutrient groups and are necessary for a completely healthy organism and life!




The key to a healthy diet is to stick to the rules that food science approves and also, that you know will make you feel better! Choosing balanced and natural-oriented foods is what you must really go after!

Here are some points that prove this diet isn’t quite the right one to follow:


Despite the fact many components of Tom’s diet are based on standard nutrition recommendations, for example reducing meat consumption or favoring the whole grains, increasing vegetables consumption and consuming natural-oriented foods, there are some points that science don’t agree with.


If you’re vegan, then, skipping diary is something you are supposed to do, but, otherwise, there is no reason why doing this will bring you benefits. Diary products are an important part of our everyday diet and they are packed with vital proteins and vitamin D that strengthen our bones and teeth.


Avoiding tomatoes because they cause inflammation? Well, there is no scientific prove about this. Eating tomatoes, eggplants and peppers means you get to have only valuable nutrients that your body needs. Mushrooms are also a great course of nutrients. Skipping it won’t actually make you get some anti-inflammatory powers or something like that…


As for the oil, consuming olive and coconut oil is a great choice. But, skipping animal-base oil doesn’t mean you get to work against your healthy living. They are necessary when not often consumed.



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