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Hernia and training; what to avoid and what to do



Training while having hernia is not something you should avoid doing. Quite the opposite, exercises are a recommended activity for people suffering from this physical condition. Even though nonsurgical methods, treatments and also different lifestyle changes have shown to significantly reduce the discomfort hernia causes, these are usually not long-term solution.


Regular exercise on the other hand, has shown to not only ease hernia symptoms. But it also has the ability to make long-term, worthy changes. While exercising, you will not only strengthen your body to better handle its weight that sometimes can make hernia’s symptoms unbearable, it will also reduce your belly fat. The fat in this particular area should be minimal so your abdomen can put zero stress there while training.


Even though hernia usually occurs when you have extended your physique to the point where it couldn’t handle the extreme pressure causing a sack of lining to push through the tissue that surrounds your muscles, it is usually harmless. But, this doesn’t mean you should continue doing your training routine as you used to. Some changes should be done if you really want to keep your hernia level at the point you don’t need any further treatments or chirurgical appointments.



Necessary exercise modifications to do


You don’t have to change the whole training routine just because you’ve noticed hernia symptoms. Reducing your training intensity and duration in most of the cases is more than enough. Remember to choose exercises and activities that don’t put too much stress on your abdomen area! This is a must.


A simple walking program or water-based exercises are great ways to take care of your hernia while keeping your cardiovascular system and weight in shape. These are categorized as no-impact workouts and reduce any chance of strain on your ab area.



Exercises to avoid


As we’ve mentioned previously, in general, the exercises you need to avoid are the ones that require you to lift a considerable amount of weight that can directly affect your abdomen area by putting strong pressure on it.


If we put them in a list, these are the typical exercises you should avoid when suffering from hernia:


– Pushing exercises that cause strain

– Pulling exercises that cause grunt or strain

– Heavy weight-lifting activities

– Ballistic exercises/activities (punching, kicking etc.)



Final thoughts


Keep in mind that, once a weak point in your abdominal wall has been able to allow hernia to develop, then, chances are it will tend to enlarge. That is why you need to be very careful. You should allow body to be able to self-cure this issue in a short period of time.



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