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Essential tips to increase your cycling motivation

cycling motivation


Everyone who loves cycling never regrets a ride he takes. But, the truth is, sometimes, getting out of that door and hoping on a bike might seem like the last thing you want to get yourself into. We get it, the struggle is real! Finding the ways to motivate yourself sometimes might seem impossible to achieve. Even when after the ride, you know you’ll be glad you did it. Here’s a look at some of the most efficient ways to make you never think about going on a ride twice.



Make it a habit you can’t get rid of


Get a routine! This is the fist, most important step you need d to take. When you force yourself to do the same thing, over and over again, every day, you will eventually create a good, static habit which will unconsciously prepare your mind for a ride. Even when you don’t feel like it. Choose a route that motivates you, buy some clothes you feel comfortable in and let yourself suffer for a short period of time until you have built enough strength and willpower over the habit you’ve already created.



Ride with a partner


Finding a friend to ride with you will definitely make your cycling process more easy and fun. Having someone you can talk, will make the time pass without even noticing. Start participating in group rides and set a team goal. Consider cycling as a dating hour when you get to meet your friends and just hangout. Doing this will increase your motivation level and make you achieve your riding goals faster.



Do it for a specific cause


Finding a charity event near you living area is sometimes the best way to keep you motivated to ride. When doing it for a specific cause, like raising money for a disease, homeless children, animals etc. will create a strong and deep impact on your overall motivation and cycling success. Remind yourself everyday how lucky you are to be healthy and get the chance to ride and keep your body in the best shape. Never forget the reason behind all that struggling you get to experience each morning before you leave your warm bed. Remember, you bed will always be there for you, but your health and changes to help others, need continuous investment and passion.



Be prepared


Get all your tools organized and clothes prepared the night before. Make the cycling a more inviting experience. So, the next morning when you get up, all the previous preparation will make you feel “responsible” and kind of bad if you don’t use them for the purpose they were prepared to be used…



Hire a coach


If you’re thriving for a more professional way to ride and plan participating into some competitions, finding a good coach might be the key to keep you motivated. He will not only create a detailed workout plan for you to follow, he will also make the necessary adjustments according to your specific needs and body type. Despite hiring him might be a little too expensive, many experts or people that want to become one, see this opportunity as a necessity to get faster results and better cycling performance.  Finding someone prepared enough to send you beyond your limits by working with all your abilities and fitness levels, will definitely make you focus on being more commitment and be able to turn all your weaknesses into strengths.



Find new routes to explore and enjoy


Many cyclists find riding the same routes over and over again a little boring and motivation-killer. So, why don’t you change it? The next day you decide to ride, tomorrow would be perfect, try to explore new areas by letting your abilities and curiosity to plot new routes. Make cycling a fun, interesting activity to include in your everyday routine.  Nothing beats the feeling you get after a nice long ride…


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