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You don’t need fancy diets to reduce your blood sugar levels. Just follow these tips

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When someone has high levels of blood sugar, it means his body is unable to efficiently transport the sugar from the blood into cells. This is a common condition that may lead to diabetes. Did you know that almost 40% of all adults, according to some studies made, are reported to be classified as pre-diabetic? This is a scary report that should make all of us take our blood sugar levels control more seriously.


That is why, we’ve complied here for you, some natural, simple, and science-based methods to make you regulate these levels and secure a healthy physique.



Control the type of carbs you eat


When consuming carbs, our body breaks them down as sugars and then, the insulin moves it to our cells. That is why; eating too much carbs means the glucose levels will significantly raise. But, you already knew that. The thing is, you don’t only need to control the amount of carbs you consume. You should also control the type of carbs.

Try to always choose foods containing unprocessed elements. Eating whole foods means your body can better process the “good” carbs you take making them less risky for the blood sugar to raise.


If you live a sedentary life, you should be extra careful when consuming carbs. You see, spending them as energy sources is vital! A sedentary life means your body is unable to properly spend all these energy sources. If you train, then, consider carbs an essential part of your diet. They are a must to making you move.



Increase your water intake


Water also plays an important role when trying to keep your blood sugar levels as normal as possible. And you know how can water do this? Well, it helps your kidneys properly flush out the excess blood sugar through your urine. Many studies have already proved this effect water has on you. Drinking water or other non-calorie drinks make your almost 40 % less risky to get diabetes. So, next time you’re about to fill your glass, try refill it once again.



Keep your body moving


As mentioned above, having an active life also protects you from diabetes. Regular physical activity can significantly help you increase your insulin sensitivity. This means your cells are more able to use all the available sugars in your blood making you healthier. Also, by exercising regularly, your muscles will need all your sugar deposits and use them as energy to properly function and handle the activity.



Try to relax


Controlling your stress is one of the most important things you need to consider in order to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. And you know why? Hormones like glucagon or cortisol are only secreted during stress moments. These hormones can make your blood sugar levels to significantly increase. That is why, many studies suggest meditation or other relaxations exercises as an efficient way to lower the stress levels and prevent the blood sugar from going up.



Include magnesium into your diet


People with high blood sugar levels are usually the ones who might have micronutrient deficiencies like magnesium. Many studies have linked this deficiency to a higher risk of diabetes. People with normal magnesium levels have shown to have a 45% less risk for diabetes. Try to eat dark leafy greens, fish, dark chocolate, avocados and whole grains in order to get the necessary micronutrients like magnesium that help regulate your blood sugar level.



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