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Are you on a diet? Things you need to do before a huge meal

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If you’ve been on a diet and trying to eat as healthy as you can, one of the first things you’ve probably skipped are the late night, calorie-packed meals that can pretty much guarantee you’ll return back to the beginning.

But, don’t worry, you’re not alone and fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent what you’re afraid to happen. According to some studies made, people trying to eat clean and be on a healthy diet aiming to lose all the excess weight, when knowing a big meal is ahead of them, the first thing they tend to do in the morning, is working out.


Even though we completely agree with this method since exercising is always a good idea, we do also agree with some other, quite logical and simpler actions you can take before the big meal.

While exercising only works on what you already have on your body, it is always a good idea to shred the extra pounds. But, what can you do in order to minimize as much as you can the effects a big meal can create on your system after days and days of clean and healthy eating?



What not to do….


big meal tips


The first and most important thing you should never do is to let yourself starve leading the big meal. Starving yourself will only make your metabolism slower! So, when you start getting all the extra calories from the big meal, your metabolism will be already slowed down and unable to handle all the amount of food eaten.  To avoid your body go in a starvation mode; try to eat as normally as you can before the big meal. Try to follow your meal plan and don’t mind about what coming since your body only reacts based on your hormones level and nutrients you take. It doesn’t have plans…


Also, a glass of water right before the big meal will definitely help you get back on track faster. Since your stomach is about to be bombed with high amount of food, water will not only act as an appetite reducer, it will also help your stomach and metabolism to better and faster process the food.


Another tip many experts give based on studies made, is to consume something with peppermint taste. You can choose to drink a peppermint tea; chewing a minty flavor gum or even brush your teeth will help you keep your appetite in control. The reason why peppermint works is due to its strong scent that makes it a natural and good appetite suppressant.



Good news


The good news is, most of the excess weight comes directly from consuming extra calories for an extended period of time. Eating only one large meal that surpasses the normal amount of calories you need to take in order to be as healthy and continue losing the excess pounds won’t be a big problem. It only becomes a problem and makes you get back to where you started if you repeat these types of meals and these amount of calories for more than two or three times in a row….

So, as long as you return back to your normal healthy and controlled eating schedule, a big meal won’t do you that much harm after all….




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