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Basic tips to properly maintain your treadmill so it can last

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Just like your car, fitness machines require maintenance too. Through regular care, a longer life and stability of your fitness machine is more guaranteed. The first step through a well-maintained treadmill machine is the cleaning part.

While keeping your treadmill clean isn’t directly related to its current condition, repairs related to the motor of the treadmill are. Cleaning is the first and simplest thing to do in order to prevent further damages from happening. The electronic display or treadmill belt damages can significantly be minimized by constantly keeping your treadmill clean.


Despite the importance of regularly cleaning and wiping your treadmill’s electronic display and treadmill belt, you should also focus on keeping the floor on which the treadmill stays as cleaned as possible. When constantly cleaning the area underneath the machine, you prevent dust from entering inside the treadmill and cause more serious damages such as a damaged lubricant of the belt and make the machine lose its effectiveness.



The benefits of having a treadmill at home


It is a well-known fact that having a treadmill at your home brings you much more benefits than a gym membership can. A fitness machine like treadmill allows you to not only avoid all the extra costs a gym membership has, but it also creates more flexibility into your training routine.


It is also very convenient since you don’t have to spend time going at the gym and on the other hand, you are the one to choose when to train and for how long without waiting for someone else’s routine to finish.

The only thing a treadmill machine requires you is a little maintenance so it can always be in the best shape and work as efficiently as it can for your needs. We know cleaning a fitness machine like treadmill is not a fun job at all, but, its benefits surpass the little time you need to spend while taking care of it once in a while. Remember, home treadmills aren’t cheap to purchase. That is why; keeping it in a good shape is also a saving method.



Quick cleaning tips


Considering the following, basic cleaning tips for your treadmill, is something you need to see as an investment.

At least once a week, try to dust and wipe your treadmill machine and the under area. You will not only remove all the sweat but also the dirt and dust particles that may irritate your allergies. They are also a big source of bacteria.

In order to clean your treadmill’s console, try to use a lint free cloth along with hot water or a random cleaning solution at least twice a month.


If possible, vacuum your fitness floor or rubber mats. Especially when located underneath your treadmill machine at least once in 10 days.



Quarterly cleaning tasks


There are some extra maintenance tasks that need to be performed rarely in order to keep your treadmill machine in its optimal condition.

With a lint-free towel and a common cleaning solution, try to clean the walk deck. Also, lubricate it with special Sport’s machine lubricant for maximum effectiveness.


Experts recommend, once in three to four month, to also inspect your treadmill’s walk belt and deck for wear.  For DC motor treadmills, you should remove its motor brushes. Then, you need to remove the loose carbon that area. Beware not to breathe your treadmill’s motor brush carbon. It’s dangerous.



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