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3 Portion Control rules to live by

portion control


We know everything it’s easier to be said than done, especially when it comes to controlling our diet. Doesn’t matter what kind of diet we’re trying to stick into. As long as it contains some rules that need to be followed, and it requires commitment and abeyance.

Sometimes, or better say, most of the times, is difficult to control the exact sizes and memorize ounces, cups we need to eat of specific foods. One of the best ways to learn how much of everything we should consume is by comparing these sizes with familiar objects and things. Then, we will teach you some super effective ways on how to put into practice all the necessary habits without getting tired sticking into different diet plans.

A single serving size, regarding the food we eat, should be measured like this:


-When eating meat, despite the kind of it, the size of the piece should be should be as the size of our palm, without counting the fingers.

-When eating pasta or risotto, they should be in the size of one big scoop of ice cream.

-Fruits and veggie’s size should be as big as our fist

-One serving of a potato, should be in the size of our commuter’s mouse

-Pancakes, crepes etc. should be in the size of a CD

-When eating cheese, its size should just like to of our fingers aligned together


Now, let’s have a look at some basic rules and habits every one of us should consider learning when trying to live a healthiest life possible.



Always divide your plate


And by that, we mean you should always try to follow one simple rule before filling your plate: 505/25%/25%. 50 percent of the plate should always be filled with veggies. They are not only the most important foods that should be always consumed, they do also create the vision of a fuller plate, making us think we will be full after eating all of the meal. The other 25 percent should be always filled with proteins like eggs, meat, etc. The last part, 25%, should be filled with starches.



Never eat “diet”, “low-calorie” foods


Foods which are fat-free or low in carbs might seem to be the perfect choice. Especially when trying to eat light and lose weight. The truth is, these kinds of foods are the one to make you gain more weight than ever before! And you know why? According to some studies, especially the study made by Cornell University and Brand Lab, all the people who supposedly were eating low-carb foods, were actually eating more than 30% percent of calories than the other whose diet was normal. When choosing a low fat or low carb food, you should know that usually, these kinds of foods, when high in a specific element like fat; they are ridiculously low in other necessary nutrients and as a result, leave you hungrier than before. Also, people who try to stick to a “low-carb” diet, think that they are allowed to eat a bigger portion by trying to feed their appetite and ending up eating too much.



Before every meal, you should do this….


Before sitting on the table and eat your next meal, always remember to follow this simple and healthy rule; Drink a big glass of water and, if possible, eat a fruit. Water will make you not feel so hungry and also, your digestive system will work easier and better. Also, on the other hand, eating fruits will help you feel fuller. At the same time, get all the healthy vitamins and minerals before actually start eating. It is a well-known fact that fruits are best when consumed before every meal.


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