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Tips to prevent nipple, thigh and armpits chafing

nipple chafing


If you’re a runner, especially a distance runner, you know exactly what we mean when saying that no marathons can be won without putting some pad aids on your nipples. And if you’re new in this field, then, the time to learn all about this nipple covering method and not only, has come. Experienced runners have certainly had some painful episodes of chafing when the skin is rubbed from the repetitive motions that running has.


If this has happened to you once, then, it should become a valuable lesson to you and let it never happened again. Since chafing is the result of friction between the skin and clothing or skin and skin, is logic to think eliminating at least one skin surface will prevent this from happening.  Women and men have some different problematic areas. Either way, you can prevent chafing if you learn some essential tricks.



Tape them


Putting tape on your nipples before hitting the road is considered to be an effective way to prevent nipple from chafing. Apply a small piece of tape, best would be a medical one, and then, you’re free to go! It doesn’t hurt when you remove it and this method is way more affordable than any other.



Use special nip protectors


If you prefer using a more specific product and want to trust only the experts when protecting your nipples, armpits and thighs, then, don’t worry. There are somethings for you too. You just need to purchase them in store. You’ll see they look like a piece of tape but it has a cotton layer on it and its more delicate to your delicate parts, especially nipples.



Most problematic areas


Thighs are one of the most problematic areas, especially in women. If you have already experienced  the pain thighs can cause, then you know what we mean when considering them as a terrible issue. The best solution available today for this part is lubricant. You can find several types of these products on store. Just apply it right before you start running and you’ll be able to save your thighs from bleeding.


Running for long distances can cause nipples to react horribly and making them heavily bleed. This problem is further compounded when you run early in the morning during the colder hours. You can also stimulate this issue if you choose to wear a top that is harsh on your skin or cotton. Men are the ones to experience chafing issues on nipples more often.  Since women year sports bra, they are kind of protected on this body part.



Are you too late?


OK, if you discovered this article a little too late and the damage is already done, at least, you now know the real pain right? Experts recommend you to clean the area with cold water and keep it as clean as possible. Using an antibacterial soap is also a great idea when washing the damaged area. After it gets dry, you can use a diaper-rash cream which probably contains zinc and works as an antibacterial. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight on your skin. Also, try skipping the run for a couple of days. Let the areas fully recover and beware to not apply any body lotion on the skin.


Next time, remember to ditch cotton since it absorbs sweat and stays wet, and also, cover the nipples. If you want, you can also apply lubricant to chafe-prone areas. Stay hydrated to minimize the salt concertation and prevent the sandpaper effect on your skin.



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