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Here’s why you should swim every single day!



Swimming is one of the most popular physical activities people do. Even though it reminds us of summer days, swimming is a perfect sport that everyone can be part of at any time during the year. It holds no time and age barriers and is affordable too.


Let’s have a look at the real powers this sport has on your life:



It keeps you safe


First, and most obvious reason why everyone should know how to swim, is to keep yourself safe. You can never know when you might be near water or in it. Life is full of unexpected things and you should know the basics in order to stay alive. Surviving in the water is an ability that many do not have, which leads 10 people to unintentionally drown themselves every day. Did you know that 2-3 of them are children? So, don’t waste your time and start taking swimming lessons as soon as you can, for your safety but also for these below mentioned reasons which are totally worth the effort.



It keeps you in shape by burning calories


Swimming is one of the most effective activities to burn every unwanted calorie in your body. About an hour of swim can burn more than 500 calories. Enough to keep your body fitted and lean. If you’re thriving to burn some more energy, experts recommend to try yourself a little more by increasing your swimming speed until your breathing becomes more difficult. In this way, your heart rate with get higher and eventually, more energy will be spent. For touchable results, a normal person should swim at least three times a week for about an hour.



Strengthens your heart


Well, we don’t think this obvious benefit hasn’t crossed your mind until now. It’s obvious enough that swimming is one of the best ways a person can use to strengthen and boost their cardiovascular system. Swimming works as an aerobic exercise and makes you push yourself harder by keeping your breath rhythmical and strong. Swimming requires your body to use many muscles in order to be executed and also, it builds endurance. So, give your heart a boost and start increasing and refining its work to keep your cardiovascular-related problems in control.



Swimming makes you more flexible


Swimming has the ability to persistently work on your muscles in that way their flexibility increases. Especially when swimming on a heated pool, this ability for muscles to relax and stretch will be drastically higher. Swimming helps your body release toxins and prevents sore muscles the next day.



It brings pleasure and social outlet


Swimming makes your body release happy hormones (endorphins, serotine, dopamine), and make you feel was more relaxed and focused. It’s essential to know the importance of spending some minutes swimming in the sea, ocean or a pool, now and then. Phycologists claim that standing near water, especially by the sea, makes a person’s stress and anxiety levels decrease.


Imagine the effect that being inside the water has on your mental and physical health. Water has always been a suitable way to be around other people and socialize. Surfing, jet skiing, among others, increase a person’s self-esteem and make him feel more socialy attracted.



Works as a therapy on chronic diseases


Every kind of water-based exercise gives a major help in relieving pains and chronic disease’s side effects. For people suffering from asthma, this activity is proven to be extremely beneficial by strengthening the lungs and the breathing control. Swimming is perfect for people suffering from arthritis as well. It not only stops/prevents critical symptoms, but also, with hydrotherapy, affected joints will be more functional and will work better than before.



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