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Is pizza more nutritious than cereal? Yes, according to this study


Consuming cereal for breakfast is one of the most common habits we all have or like to have. Mostly because this option saves us time, it’s simple to prepare and also comes in different flavors to fully satisfy our morning cravings.


There are even people who choose to consume cereal for breakfast with the main intention to lose weight! They’re rarely thinking about the real nutritional values they’re adding to their body…


The shocking truth


Well, it’s time for you to once and for all learn the sad fact about this popular breakfast option. The truth is, cereals are not healthy at all! Quite the opposite in fact; they are filled with sugar, flavoring additives and unhealthy elements that make them appear healthy, diet-friendly and expensive.


Cereals have the ability to cause a significant spike in our blood sugar’s levels. This condition is directly linked with the creation and development of type 2 Diabetes. They also provide a very short-term filling effect. This means, cereals will make us feel hungry and crave more food before lunchtime arrives.



Is Pizza heathier?


Is not that we’re advising you to consume pizza instead of cereal. After all, pizza cannot be classified in the healthy food’s section so easy. However, when compared to the side effects and general health benefits of cereals, pizza might be considered healthier!



According to a recent study, pizza can be a more advisable breakfast option than cereals. This is because even though it is contains white flour and cheese, which are both elements that our body takes time to properly digest, it provides more valuable nutritional elements and keeps us feeling full for longer periods of time.


According to the study, people who consumed healthier versions of pizza that included fresh vegetables and less cheese, ended up losing more weight than the ones who preferred consuming cereals for breakfast.


The main reason behind this finding was that people who consumed ‘healthy’ pizzas were able to keep themselves away from unhealthy snack cravings until lunchtime. Also, these people, despite the unhealthy elements their pizza contained, still had the chance to consume healthy veggies and protein from the cheese compared to the ones who preferred consuming cereals.




The second group which provided no real value to their system from the cereals which were in most cases high in artificial sugar and flavors, felt also less filled and were in more cases unable to continue the day until lunchtime without consuming one or two snacks or sugary drinks.


The bottom line is, people who’re in habit of eating cereal for breakfast should at least try to choose a brand that provides some value to their product. For example cereals that contain real whole grains, dry fruits, nuts, seeds etc.







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