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Outdoor vs at the gym training

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This is a very old debate actually and we’re not going to dig deeper. Just want to discuss a little bit about why so many people have still so many questions on their mind whether is best to train outside or indoors… does it need any more reasons that you might already know?

If you see the whole discussion from only one point of view, for example weight loss, of course that both of them seem to give you the same results to achieve that goal. The real question here is which kind of exercise brings the most benefits at once by following it. This old topic which has for many years divided active people and especially runners should once and for all be closed and forgotten. Didn’t you know that everyone, including you, have the change to choose? Everyone has his own opinion when it comes to which type of exercises works best for them. And we are nobody to judge them right? So, expressing our honest opinion about this topic is a right we have and will definitely help those who think the same to continue sticking on their choice and maybe make the others change their mind…

We strongly believe the benefits someone can get by training and especially running outdoors cannot be compared to anything else trying to replace them. And here is why:



It brings you mental stimulation and physiological benefits


Staring at the same four walls every single day doesn’t actually stimulate our brain much. But, by taking your training routine outside, the brain will definitely get some exercise done too. Many experts in phycology admit that the power that an outdoor training brings to us is very big. It reliefs stress and anxiety and boosts out mood significantly by releasing endorphins. Especially when training in nature or by the sea. Outside training is more organic. The oxygen your brain and body get cannot be compared with the recycled one at the gym. According to some researches,  70% people who train outdoors, especially when run, for at least 30 minutes, admit their stress level has dropped to almost  10% and also, they feel more relaxed and happy. On the other hand, most of the people who train indoors admit that after the training session, they feel more stressed, tired, hungry and sleepy.  We should not also forget to mention all the bacteria you get to breathe in the gym, which in most cases, can be dangerous and bring you some harmful infection on the way.



Choose the time and don’t spend a dime


Training outdoors doesn’t need a schedule. You don’t need to follow curtain training classes and wait for some other person to finish their treadmill turn. To train outside, you just need to put on your workout clothes and you’re ready to go. You can even start training from the moment you close the door. No one can really stop you or look at you in a weird way.  Also, you get to do it for free. Spending on gym memberships can sometimes be unacceptable. Spending more than 70-10 dollars per month when you can choose to go outside, is something that doesn’t need much to think of.



Get some vitamin D


Last but not least, you get to take vitamin D, which our body cannot produce for itself. Getting this essential and vital vitamin means putting a strong depression treatment on your system and also, it cures many mood problems by releasing some “happy” hormones. Have you ever wondered why you instantly start feeling so good and happy every time you’re at the beach or outdoors in the sun? Everyone loves Sun; even the people who love the rain, still love the Sun…

Don’t worry; you don’t have to feel guilty about training indoors. You’re still in time to change that and give your body a happy boost by getting the same physical (toning, cardiovascular et.) benefits, or even more, compared to the indoors training.

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