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The real reason why every athlete should drink Matcha tea


Have you ever heard about this super green tea called Matcha? If not, it’s time to learn everything about this ancient tea that seems to have slowly become the number one recommendation to many health-related issues.


Matcha green tea comes from Japan and it’s the highest-quality tea available (green tea). It comes from the powerful young leaves of Camellia and it passes through a very detailed and specific preparation process before it is packed and kept in the dark away from the oxygen in order for it to preserve all of its rare benefits, color and most importantly, antioxidants.


Due to the fact its whole leafs are being ingested, it has won the credentials of a ‘super food’. It provides some of the most powerful antioxidants available, many types of vitamins and important minerals especially when compared with the other powerful teas available such as the normal green tea.



What vitamins, minerals and antioxidants Matcha tea contains?


Some of the vitamins and minerals Matcha tea contains are vitamin C, chromium, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Everyone, especially athletes, need these minerals to be able to properly handle the activity, to increase their endurance and make their body be able to fully recover after an injury or after a harsh training session.


The main antioxidants Matcha tea contains are polyphenols. These antioxidants are directly linked to prevent many life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and blood pressure among others. There are many other benefits that regular Matcha tea drinkers get and they also include an increased memory, alertness, reduced cholesterol and a boost of metabolism’s work.


These are the main benefits that Matcha tea provides:


– It contains high levels of antioxidants which fight many life-threating diseases

– Matcha tea significantly boosts your memory and increases your level of concentration

– It keeps you calmer and reduces stress levels

– Matcha tea boosts your energy levels and increases your endurance

– It helps your body burn the extra calories quickly

-This tea strongly detoxifies the body

– It improves your cholesterol levels

– Boosts your immune system’s work


Matcha Tea Ice Cream
Matcha Tea Ice Cream


How to prepare Matcha tea


Mtcha tea comes in a powder form and everyone can incorporate it in many different recipes. You can add it to different deserts and drinks. Experts recommend the best way to consume Matcha tea is by drinking it as what it is: a tea. However, when on a café, try to skip ordering it since typically, the pre-prepared Matcha tea drink may contain high levels of sugar and too little tea.


If you really want to get all of its health benefits, try to prepare it on your kitchen so you can drink it before a training session, before going to sleep or whenever you feel the need to. 1-2 teaspoons are more than enough for one person and try to add it on a cup with warm water. Not in a boiling water.


If teas are not your thing, try adding this powder on your milk, yogurt, smoothie or brownie. The important thing is to consume it then it’s up to you to choose the way…



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