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FAST fat loss: Here’re the only 4 rules you need to remember




We are aware of the endless of information circulating online when it comes to supposely effective and efficient ways to lose fat. You can pretty much find in every corner, tips and tricks to lose weight in a fast and healthy way which don’t quite fit the bill. Since much of the info you can find is contradictory and unhealthy to follow, it is no wonder why you feel hopeless and desperate when it comes to the weight loss issue.


Our advice: Forget what you know, stop what you’re doing and have a look at these 4, science-based rules to help you get back on track in the healthiest and fastest way possible without risking your health, reputation and time.



Never skip proteins


Did you know from all the kinds of foods you can eat during a day, the high-in-protein products are the ones to help you the most when it comes to losing fat? Well, it was about time to learn this fact…


Proteins help us feel full for longer and most importantly, they have the power to boost our calorie burn during the day. This is due to the fact; proteins need more energy from our energy stores to be digested by our system than carbs do. This means, consuming high-in-protein foods does not only prevent your from consuming needless snacks, but helps you also spend more energy which is directly translated into fat loss.


Last but not least, proteins help our muscles stay healthy.  It prevents our muscle loss which normally happens when we cut our calories. No ones wants to lose muscle mass right?



Calories in < Calories out


The weight loss process is quite simple if you intend to understand it. At the end of the day, in order of you to lose fat which translates into weight, the calories you take through food should always be less than the ones you spent via exercise and other activities.


One of the biggest mistakes people do is to underestimate the amount of calories they take and only count the ones they burn. The best thing to do is to always keep track on the difference between the ones in and the ones out. If you get less than you spent, then, you will start losing fat immediately in order have enough energy to handle the day.





You have probably been linking the fat loss process with cardio exercise. But, the truth is, nothing burns more calories than weight lifting. You see, when developing muscles that are underneath your fat layers, you end up spending more energy and calories. This due to the fact, muscles require more energy which is produced by processing calories and fat than any other cardio activity.


So, in order to fasten the fat loss process you need to seriously consider adding some weight lifting exercises into your daily exercise routine.



Sleep like a sheep


If your cut your necessary sleeping hours, the damage you’re creating into our body is bigger than you think it is… You see, if you don’t do at least 7 hours of sleep at night, the cortisol level starts to rise. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has the ability to cause fat storage.


This means, your body gets to deposit more and more fat each time you don’t get enough sleep.




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