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What is clean eating and how to start?

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The “Clean Eating” term has become quite popular among people today. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about this term before. But, do you know what it means? Do you know how can the “clean eating” lifestyle be followed?

Clean Eating has become one of the most powerful, natural ways to fight diseases, different health conditions, and make people achieve their physique’s goals much easy. There is no doubt about the powers this type of eating has on everybody’s body and mind! You see, clean eating doesn’t refer to washing your fruits and veggies after you’ve purchased them from the grocery store. Clean Eating is taking time to get to know your food. It the process of knowing what your food is made of and how those ingredients can work on your system.



What ‘clean eating’ requires?


Well, it might require you to rung over a whole new chapter on your lifestyle and diet. It might require you to do some not so easy changes but remember, is all for the best.  You know why? Because, the real definition of ‘clean eating’ consist of you eating a diet that is rich on whole foods and products that are no-processed or minimally processed. In order to be called “clean” the foods you must eat should not contain any artificial ingredients made at the laboratory. So, putted in simple words, ‘clean eating’ is the eating process that includes foods in their most natural state possible.



Why embrace it?


There are tons of reasons why clean eating should be your next step towards a better, healthier life. These reasons could take us the whole day, but, we know you are already thinking of some of them.

Since whole foods are naturally denser with nutrients, it means you automatically consume more vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are extremely functionally important for every single cell in your body! Never underestimate the power of whole foods.


clean diet


When eating clean, you become less exposed to every kind of disease and condition. Since you’re filling all the nutritional gaps in your body, you are automatically making your organs perform better, your hair, nails, and skin stronger and healthier, your weight will be in control, and practically, you are living a healthy life!

The best thing about not eating processed foods, is that your body doesn’t need to process any of them and you’re making all the potential harmful ingredients that are commonly found in tons of products on the supermarket, to stay away from your body.

The chemicals contained in many products, the preservatives and additives are one of the biggest factors that cause all kinds of diseases and unhealthy conditions. Starting from your brain’s work, and finishing with your skin, whole foods are the essential, vital thing the human body needs to properly function! Our body doesn’t know what the chemicals found in processed foods are. They are classified as toxins and are extremely dangerous in every aspect.



How to “clean eating”?


Clean eating isn’t as hard as you might already think it is. You don’t need any extreme measure to take or eliminate an entire food group from your daily food intake. It is not a diet for you to lose weight. It only requires you to include as much as you can, real, good and healthy food.


Increasing your whole fruit and veggie intake in your diet is the first step to be taken. Read carefully the labels of the food products you buy. If you have no idea what most of its ingredients are, don’t buy it! Changes are they are dangerous and harmful for your body. Eliminate as much as you can unhealthy fats, and added sugars.

Make water your number one beverage and skip as much as you can packed foods. Include meat, but, try to choose the ones that are naturally raised. You see, is not about how much you eat, is about what you eat!  You can eat carbs as long as they are not processed. Replace your vegetable or margarine oil with olive oil. Unfortunately, the first two don’t meet the “clean eating” criteria.



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