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What can imbalanced hormones cause to your health? How to naturally regulate them?

balanced hormones


Some of the most known hormones are estrogen, adrenaline, insulin and testosterone. These are all some very important chemical messengers with the power to deeply affect every single aspect in your overall health.

Some of the main organs and glands that produce and manage hormones are our thyroid, pituitary, testicles, pancreas etc. This endocrine system that these organs create aims to control our hormone levels that circulate in our body. They check if they’re well-balanced and protect our body from various dangerous health problems imbalanced hormones may cause.


If you’ve been diagnosed with this hormonal issue, then, some of the most common hormonal imbalances treatments that you may receive from your doctor may include therapies that include synthetic hormones, occasional insulin injections, birth control pills, different thyroid medications etc. The thing is, for most of the people that suffer different hormonal disorders, taking these synthetic ways of treatments isn’t always the best option. This due to the fact, the above-mentioned common treatments may cause:


– In most cases, these treatments do only the cover-up job by masking the real problem of imbalanced hormones and don’t quite treat and balance them. This means you can continue develop different anomalies and let your hormonal disorder to further progress without even noticing.


– These common treatment ways can make you completely dependent on these drugs. They make your body incapable to start recovering itself and you may even need to take prescription drugs for many years to come, even for the rest of your life.


– These synthetic drugs can potentially cause serious side effects starting from stroke, anxiety, cancer, reproductive issues, osteoporosis etc.



Main symptoms of hormonal disorders/imbalances


Even though hormonal imbalances symptoms may vary and are not always the same on each person, they still might have the potential to cause the same issues and health problems to your body. Below you can find most common symptoms a person has when experiencing hormonal imbalances:


  • Infertility
  • Painful and irregular periods
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Different digestive issues
  • Hair loss/hair thinning
  • Insomnia
  • Weight gain or weight loss (that’s unexplained and not due to intentional changes in your diet)
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite


Best proven ways to balance your hormones naturally



Consume water sole


You may have heard about the benefits drinking water with salt can bring you. But, don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean you to drink ocean water or water with table salt in it. The salt you need to put in your water should be natural salt! For example, Himalayan Pink Salt. This “drink” acts like an electrolyte beverage and makes your body not to dilute.



Try to consume healthy fats


One of the key things you can do to keep your hormones balanced is to consume healthy fatty acids contained in coconut oil, avocado, salmon etc. Even saturated fat and also cholesterol are important when trying to balance your hormones. These essential fats play a significant part when trying to increase the number of produced hormones by keeping the inflammation levels dropped. Choosing healthy foods that contain natural short, medium or long-chain fats is extremely important.





Another thing you can do to naturally balance your hormones is to exercise. The best type of training you can do to fight this issue is HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training might be the key for many health and weight gain issues. In general, HIIT reduces inflammation and lowers your stress level. It also regulates your appetite and makes the sleeping process better. All these factors work in balancing and regulating your hormones.





Speaking about the sleeping process, remember to keep this part on your focus and get at least 7 straight hours of sleep per night. When in lack of sleep, your natural circadian rhythm is disturbed causing a significant imbalance in your hormones. Did you know that cortisol (the main stress hormone), is being regulated during your sleeping process?



Caffeine and alcohol


Keep an eye on your caffeine and alcohol intake. In moderate amounts, caffeine doesn’t act like a hormonal imbalance drink. The worst part of caffeine is that it might ruin your sleeping process. Try to consume it early during the day so your sleeping hours can be complete. On the other hand, when you abuse with your alcohol intake, the first thing that it damages is your liver. When drinking too much alcohol (2 and above glasses per day), the estrogen level is increased causing damage to you pancreas, liver, drops your testosterone levels and increase the chances of anxiety. Did you know that your liver is the most important organ in your body that regulates and balances your hormonal level and it also has over 500 various functions in your organism?





Last but not least, try to avoid soy as much as you can. Even though it is considered to be healthy for hundreds of years now, the truth is, soy has anti-nutrient features. It has the ability to block the absorbing process of magnesium, calcium zinc and iron by the foods you eat. Only two tablespoons of soy per month can cause your thyroid-stimulating hormone level to increase.



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