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Why and How to add more zinc to your diet



Zinc is an essential micronutrient that is involved in our cell’s growth and division, our immune system and digestion track. The necessary, recommended diet allowance (RDA) of zinc is about 8-10 mg per day. Since it is mostly known for its immune system benefits, you should be very careful to always include it in your daily food intake. It is an extremely important mineral which is commonly found in spinach, shrimps and beef.


Some of the most common zinc deficiency alerts include hair loss, anemia, loss of appetite and altered cognition. You can get the proper zinc amount each day by including some of the super foods that contain it.  Try to never replace your zinc needs through supplements. They might be toxic and make your experience tons of side effects.



Why is zinc so necessary for our body?


Below, find some of the main, most important, scientifically-proved facts about zinc:


Regulates our immune function – The first, most significant benefit we get to have from zinc, belongs to our immune system. It boost its functionality by activating T lymphocytes or, else known as T cells. The most important role of these cells, are to control and help our immune system responses by properly attacking the cancerous cells in our body.


Zinc boosts our digestion work – It plays an important role in our digestion since it helps our body produce the necessary digestive enzymes. Also, zins is the first, most important catalyzer that our body uses to process our nutrition values from the food we eat.


It boosts our athletic performance – Yes, zin also helps in our physical activity performance as well. Since it plays a very important role in our hormone’s production, it is essential to help us build strength and endurance. A person, who has enough zinc in his system, has also a higher testosterone production and insulin-like elements. They both are essential for e good physical performance of any kind.


Helps our cardiovascular system – Zinc is the essential mineral that supports our blood circulation. It is able to properly maintain our endothelium layer. This is the thin layer of cells that lines our blood vessels. When in lack of zinc, we expose ourselves to the risk of high cholesterol. Both, cholesterol and inflammation are the ones to cause cardiovascular diseases.


Zinc also supports male reproductive system – Since this mineral is critical for the production of testosterone, the most important element in male’s reproductive system, the male prostate needs the high concentration of zinc in order to properly function. When in lack, the risks for a male to develop fertility and prostate cancer are significantly higher. Many studies have already proved how important can zinc be in a male’s reproductive system. They have shown that men prostate requires ten times more zinc levels compared to other cells of the body in order to stay in an optimal health condition.


Female’s too – Zinc strongly supports the production of oocyte/egg. When a woman doesn’t have enough zinc in her system, her egg won’t be able to properly mature in time. This causes an impeded ovulation and then, causing the infertility. The most important role zinc plays in females reproductive system is by allowing the usage of estrogen and progesterone to be efficiently done.




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