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Stay in shape: The ultimate things to do before bed

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Each year, people all around the world spend billions of dollars on different weight loss programs and products. The truth is, not every weight loss method may work in the same way on everyone. There are many factors that make people who follow the same weight loss routine to not see the same results. But, fortunately, there are tons of lifestyle habits that have the potential to bring similar results in almost everyone that have mostly to do with basic, simple rules that are destined to work for a specific reason.


Today, we’re going to focus on your evening routine so you can once and for all, learn the power of some simple actions you can take that can change your weight loss concepts for good. Doing certain things before you go to bed, such as sleeping while feeling hungry, can potentially make your weight loss process slow down.

Below, we have listed for you a few necessary things (despite your workout routine, healthy and clean diet), that you should consider doing if you really aim to own the body of your dreams.



A snack


Did you know that experts recommend everyone to eat a healthy, low-in-calorie snack before going to bed? By consuming a small snack, you can keep your metabolism going. Also, it prevents any middle-of-the-night craving. Focus on choosing a snack that mostly contains lean proteins and complex carbs. For example a fruit and cheese, or some milk/yogurt with fruits.  Try to avoid large snacks that we can easily call them “meal”. Spicy foods are not your friend either because they have the ability to keep you awake and also, cause heartburn.





If you really want to maximize your bedtime routine and help your body lose weight faster, then, do some stretching exercises. Many studies have shown the power of stretching when performed before bed. Since the lack of sleep is proved to cause appetite by making your hunger and satiety hormones to be unbalanced, it is important to invest in a good-quality sleep. That is why, a simple, short stretching routine is strongly recommended by the experts. Try to incorporate some simple yoga poses or some basic stretching exercises that don’t last more than 10 minutes. Only by doing this, you can allow your muscles to fully relax and make your sleeping process better.



Try to eat smart


Usually, evening is the time of the day that most of the diets and clean eating are destroyed… Unfortunately, many people regret their actions.  After a long day at work, your body and mind both need a relaxing, comfort time to lift the spirits. Food is the first thing that goes through everyone’s mind. Choosing a simple, easy-prepared snack or meal, that is usually not so healthy and filled with artificial smells, and spices, is what seems to warm our heart the most. This is called Emotional Eating. Avoiding this type of eating is a must if you aim to stay in shape and loose that extra weight! Choosing a healthy snack, having a warm bath or even watching a movie, are some alternative ways to feel more relaxed before going to sleep. Skipping emotional eating is something that requires courage and mental strength. But the lack of it will definitely bring you some results.



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