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Why every woman should swim?

women should swim


Swimming is a forced cardio! That is why it’s considered to be so beneficial in many aspects especially for women. Water is almost 800 times denser than air, making this sport perfect for calorie burning and muscle firming. It also boosts the metabolism and reliefs anxiety. It’s called a forced cardio because it forces the person who is swimming to constantly and rhythmically move in order to prevent himself from sinking. When you’re swimming, you’re fighting to stay alive and breathe. We know it sounds too dramatic but if you imagine swimming to be like this, your muscles will probably work harder to “save” you.


For those who think swimming is just a fun way to kill time and relax, we got some news for you; swimming is not only an excellent cardio activity, it is also a perfect strength training for everyone thriving to have a toned and sexy body prepared for the summer. You can count swimming as both, aerobics and an exercise that guarantees you some long lean muscles.


But, what makes swimming so perfect for women? Well, due to a busy schedule, it’s  normal to feel tired enough to skip the gym. In the other hand, swimming is a low-impact activity which burn many calories and relaxes you at the same time. It helps maintaining a perfect weight without spending too much time doing it. According to some researches, women who swim at least 3 times a week feel a lot more energized and happy compared with women who don’t swim.  Another thing to remember is the benefits your cardiovascular systems gets. While swimming, a women’s heart rate elevates making it the perfect full-body workout everyone woman can experience. Spending just 30 minutes, three to four times a week while swimming, despite all of the above mentioned benefits; you get to also work on building some strong joints.


Below we’ve specified everything your body benefits from swimming


  • Swimming make us use all of your muscles. That is way it is considered to be on of the best core strengthen exercises.
  • We get to benefit a strength training and cardio workout. While swimming, we do only use our body weight, but, since water is so dense, we eventually end up burning way more calories than doing any other physical activity in air.
  • Swimming makes us smarter and to think more clearly. With the blood flow, the brain function gets activated by 14% more. Also, our concentration level starts to increase.
  • Our lungs will thank us. By swimming, we get to train our lungs to use the oxygen more efficiently than even before.
  • Did you know that the muscles which are the most required to swim are usually the most underworked ones? So, we get to tone every single one, even the ones which we may have never used before! Great news right?
  • It works wonders for pregnant women. When a pregnant woman frequently swims, she is actually is not only working on maintain a healthy weight and a cardiovascular system in shape, she is also working on preventing back pain, and improving her balance.
  • Swimming keeps you alive. Did you know that according to some findings,  people who constantly swim, have 50% less change to die before the age of 70?
  • Everyone knows that swimming makes our arms, shoulders and legs toned and lean. But, what people usually tend to forget is the fact swimming provides an amazing workout for abs too.
  • Swimming works magic on your flexibility. It increases your range of motion and also strengths joints without causing too much pressure on them. It is recommended for anyone suffering from bones and joint related problems.
  • Swimming helps women to better deal with menopause changes.
  • Many founding’s suggested that women who constantly swim, are less likely to be depressed and their sleep quality is better.
  • Swimming lowers the obesity chance by over 30%.



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