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  Flexibility, when defined, is the range of motions at a certain joint, or else said, the speed it can move from one point to the other. It gives quality, precision and definition to every move. As a result, we get to be more functional in our everyday chores.  …

women should swim

  Swimming is a forced cardio! That is why it’s considered to be so beneficial in many aspects especially for women. Water is almost 800 times denser than air, making this sport perfect for calorie burning and muscle firming. It also boosts the metabolism and reliefs anxiety. It’s called a…

breathing techniques

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional cycling athlete or just an enthusiast, either way, we’re sure you already know how a bad breathing technique can really damage your overall performance.  Through breathing, your body is supposed to deliver all the necessary oxygen to your muscles in order to…


  Your running form can instantly give way to whether you’re a casual jogger or a fast runner.  If you’re one of those who is prone to injury, or has a noticeable idiosyncrasy to your form, you may suffer from a variety of form-related issues.  Injuries like tendonitis, stress fractures,…


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