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Why every runner should do Yoga?

yoga for runners


Being a runner means you often get to experience soreness, muscle injuries, tightness and many other physical side effects. Despite how a perfect runner you might be, after a nine to five day, staying static, your muscles and bones get weak and start losing their elasticity, power and flexibility. The truth is, most of people who run, do also a stretching routine. Some pre and post- running stretch exercises are very important to prevent all the possible physical


damages you may experience during a running session. But, sometimes, (or most of the times), a 5-minute stretching is not enough. Especially when staying on your desk all day. What every runner needs to do is Yoga. Taking Yoga classes is a great way to increase the strength and flexibly on everyone’s muscles and bones. You get to not only do an advance stretching workout, but you also get to win additional powerful health-related benefits. Doing Yoga means you are investing on your mental and physical state for the long term.


Despite the incredible way Yoga takes care of tight hamstrings, tight hips, joint and ankle pains, back and knee’s pain, Yoga works wonders on many other aspects. It will definitely make you a better runner and also, a happier person. Have a look at all these benefits you can get by scheduling some Yoga classes on your monthly schedule:



Yoga makes you stronger


All runners know that weak hamstrings can put their body in serious risks of injuries. Poses held in Yoga deeply work on core and quads strengthening which both can lead to a faster running performance. A strong core makes a strong runner, a balanced body and a precise way to transfer all the necessary energy from upper to lower body. The best type of recommended Yoga to strengthen these body parts is Flow Yoga.



Yoga works as an advanced stretching routine


Stretching is essential for muscle lengthening and especially for injurie’s prevention. Integrating Yoga classes into your workout session, especially when running for long distances, means you will gain all the necessary preparation of your body and muscles to support a high intensity run. Experts recommend doing Yoga at least once a week.



Yoga corrects your breathing


Breathing is one of the main factors why athletes suffer when running. When properly breathing, you will be able to gain much more energy and endurance while running. Yoga teaches everyone how to control breathing when under pressure and stress. Better and more controlled breathing means more oxygen on your muscles. It means they will work and resist for a longer time without getting injured. Every Yoga pose you’ll do, will also teach you how to perform a deep controlled breathing by increasing your lungs capacity.



Yoga makes you more focused


…and as a result of that, you’ll have a better running performance! If you’re still not fully convinced about the powerful role your mental state has, especially when running or performing something out of your comfort zone, then it’s time to once and for all be convinced! Yoga works as a powerful meditation which, despite all the exercises which work on your flexibility and strength, it also strengthens your mind. Learning how to turn off your thoughts by becoming focused only on the thing you want to, is one very important thing Yoga can do to everyone. Being fully present in your running moments is a very essential part of a runner’s performance. The mental skills you get to have thanks to Yoga are a strong investment on being able to handle all kinds of activities and situations. Runners, who regularly practice Yoga, are the ones who recommend it the most!


Our advice: Give Yoga a try and check the results and benefits for yourself. We truly believe incorporating Yoga on your routine will significantly make you a better runner!

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