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Why cycling makes you live longer?

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Everyone who thrives for long term health should know the importance of physical activity on his body. A proper workout makes the body to properly function! When investing on this part, people, without directly noticing, are also investing on their mental and social health too. Maybe all these facts mixed with the fun cycling brings along, have made this sport so popular. The best thing about cycling is the fact it is a workout bringing good in both sides of the medal. It is not only a great moderate cardio activity which keeps your cardiovascular system strong and healthy; it also can bring some important changes on many other aspects of your life. So, you get do have both by doping one single thing.



It improves the brain function and makes you happier


Many studies are done through the years to prove the real powers that physical activity, and cycling especially, brings to the brain function. They do all agree when it come to the obvious fact that brain function increases and a person who constantly engages himself in cycling but not only, is more focused, happier, thinks more clearly and his intelligence level rises bout 10-15%. This is all scientifically explained with the blood flow. When cycling, more oxygen goes to the brain. It is translated to more receptors being activated and regenerated at the same time.



Cycling helps lose weight


Losing weight is one of the biggest physical problems people in our modern society face. Cycling is one of the best weight-losing alternatives available out there for everyone. It not only makes you shred those extra pounds, but it will make that process a more pleasant one. Try to incorporate cycling to your everyday schedule. If this is not possible, at least four times a week, a 30-40 minutes cycling can do the job.



Cycling makes you sleep longer and deeper


Especially if you decide to take your daily ride early in the morning. It is proved that a morning physical activity helps people to get a better sleep (read more here). This time, we want to bring you another interesting study Stanford University made. They asked people who suffered from insomnia for many years in a row and who weren’t engaging their body in any physical activity, to at least cycle every day for 30 minutes. The results were just amazing! They were not only able to sleep at least one more extra hour, but the time they took to fall asleep was reduced in more than a half! Pretty impressive right?



Cycling boosts your sex life


Cycling can be a great thing to improve and keep the vascular system healthy. That makes the sex life be more active and enjoyable. Some studies have come to some interesting findings which link cycling and other activities to make men feel and be at least 7 years younger in their sex life. Also, cycling drops the risk of impotence by almost 31%. Women, when cycling for a long time, felt more active and ready to throw themselves in a sexual activity than any other woman similar to their age. Also, menopause was delayed by almost 5-6 years.



It makes everyone look younger and live longer


Cycling has proved to increase longevity by more than 12 years. It prevents early deaths in in about 35%. Also, people who constantly ride for a long time are at least 9 years “younger” on their biological system. It is no surprise why this sport makes you look younger. You skin gets more fluid circulation by delivering nutrients to the skin cells.



 It makes you more social active


The best thing about cycling is that everyone can do it. Involving your family member, you spouse or friends will not only bring all of you the above mentioned benefits, but it will also make you more social attracted and happy. Take an everyday morning ride with your best friend and you’ll feel the results for yourself.


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