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Why is Cardiovascular Training so important for athletes?

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First of all, you must know what does Cardiovascular Training really means. We’re pretty sure you hear this phrase all the time. But, what is the definition of this type of physical activity? Why is it so important especially for endurance athletes?


Scientifically speaking, a cardiovascular training routine is often described as aerobic exercises.  The main difference between cardiovascular-oriented exercises and the other ones, is the fact, cardiovascular exercises enhances our heart and lung ability to supply our working muscles with enough oxygen through blood.


Also, cardiovascular exercises enhance our muscle’s ability to process and use the oxygen in a more efficient way in order to produce enough energy for movement.


That is why,  to get these benefits, aerobic exercises are the ones to go after.  This also due to the fact, there are the closest moves and exercises that indicate a cardiovascular-oriented routine.


The word aerobic itself indicates a rhythmic and continuous type of moves. They strongly stimulate our muscles while working on our breathing process.



Some of the most common examples of aerobic exercises are:


  • Running/jogging
  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking
  • Aerobic dance
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Cycling

If you’re still not convinced about its importance…


Well, just by looking the cardiovascular exercise’s definition, the importance becomes pretty clear. This type of activity does not only increase the body’s oxygen supply and its performance.  It also results in the creation of more energy sources. By increasing the energy levels, athletes become more resistant, stronger leading to a better overall athletic performance.


Many researches have indicated that cardiovascular type of exercises are strongly connected with longevity as well. Different universities, by studying people with no records of any heart-related disease,  who constantly did cardiovascular exercises, had higher chances to live a longer and healthier life. Especially when compared with the ones that did not include any type of cardiovascular exercises into their daily life.  Cardiovascular exercises have also a great impact on the immune system especially on people after their 50s.


For you that want to lose a few pounds, the best way to achieve that, is through aerobic exercises. Doing at least 20 to 30 minutes cardiovascular-oriented exercises a day, will definitely make you burn more calories than anything else.


The best part: After the cardiovascular routine, your body will continue burning calories for at least 3 hours after the training. Incorporating these types of exercises into your main physical activity is a must. Especially when wanting to regulate the work of your heart and also, increase your endurance and strength.


In the meanwhile you get to lose all the extra weight by making your blood deliver enough oxygen in every part of your body, making it more efficient and healthy.



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