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Can hot baths make you a better athlete?

hot bath for athletes


Training in hot conditions has been one of the most discussed topics in the endurance sport’s world these last couple of years. And there are quite some reasons behind this training method and it seems it can directly affect an athlete’s performance and most importantly, speed.


Some of the biggest body changes that hot climate conditions trigger are related to an increased plasma volume. It affects the overall performance to be faster and easier. But, the real problem has been in finding the right methods and actions that can guarantee athletes training in a hotter climate conditions. Exploring possible options hasn’t been quite easy. Especially since most of the athletes don’t have access to different climate-controlled thermal chambers or even sauna.


Luckily, there is another option that seems to be beneficial. It is suggested by many Sport-oriented Journals and approved by different studies: Hot baths!


Why hot baths?


When studying the performance and body reaction of athletes who took a hot bath ( 104 degree F), right after each training performance, the results where quite interesting. When compared with the other athletes that for a week took only normal baths and showers, the performance of the other athletes were significantly higher. In less than two weeks, athletes who took a hot bath after each training session for at least 40 minutes were about 5 percent faster than the others! Also, it is believed the effects hot baths might have in our body are aligned to many other additional benefits except in the athletic performances.


Here are some possible reasons you need to take more and longer baths. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sports endurance fanatic or not:



Hot baths can improve our blood circulation


Baths can be considered as a moderate exercise for our blood vessels. This due to the fact water has the ability to create pressure to our body. It makes our heart work with full capacity. Since our heart has the tendency to work faster; it makes hot baths be very beneficial when it comes to our cardiovascular and circulation aspect.



Hot baths lower our blood pressure


There have been some recent studies confirming that hot baths can really work on our blood pressure aspect as well. This is great news! Especially for people that suffer from different hear conditions and have to constantly maintain their heart’s work in control. Especially the spikes that their blood might create. Since hot baths raise your heart speed and performance, experts advice to first consult with your doctor whether you should take occasional hot baths or not.



Hot baths make you sleeping and recovering process better


Hot baths have the potential to significantly relax our body and make our sleeping experience better.  The hot water relaxes the muscles and increases the body temperature. If you want to get the hot-baths benefits daily, try to limit your stay to no more than 30 minutes. Also, since it increases and stimulates our blood circulation, its contribution to our muscle-recovery process is pretty obvious as well.



Hot baths keep you in shape


Some other studies have indicated that people who have diabetes can significantly benefit from hot baths. The studies have shown that when these people soak in a hot tub constantly, are more able to reduce their glucose levels in their blood. Study’s conclusions indicated that people who took at least 4-5 hot baths a week, for at least 20 minutes, were able to lose almost 3 pounds in a month.




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