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Can exercises really reduce chronic diseases?

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The truth is, numerous of studies have constantly supported exercise as a great way to fight chronic diseases. Unfortunately, unlike pharmaceutical therapies that are given with enough details about the amount and way they should be administrated for optimal benefits, exercises are not. Well, it’s time to change that since we know they have the power to work in the same, efficient way as the medicines you might get when suffering from a chronic disease.

There might be many factors indicating to the way doctors, when choosing a cure, underestimate exercises. Despite they know its benefits; it seems keeping the pharmaceutical market “in shape” is more important.



How can exercise really help?


We would live in such a better world if many tips that doctors give would be replaced with the phrase: “exercise more and eat healthier.”

It’s completely normal that if you have a chronic disease, you have many questions regarding exercise and the way it can actually help you fight that disease or at least, ease its effects. The truth is, putting your body into an active mode, is always a good idea. Especially if you suffer from chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes, joint pain, or even heart disease. We advise you to talk with your doctor before starting any type of exercise. That is because different chronic diseases require specific types of trainings regarding their intensity and amount.  Here is the specific ways exercises can potentially do to each type of chronic disease:


ARTHRITS/OSTEOROPOSIS: low impact exercises are the best types for this kind of chronic disease. Through physical activity, you get to increase not only strength, but also endurance and make your blood flow more efficiently. You get to improve your muscle function and be able to experience less pain in a less frequent way.


DIABETES: when exercising regularly, your body becomes more able to use insulin and lower the blood sugar level. It also can significantly improve your weight and make you feel more energized than ever.


ASTHMA: the physical activity can significantly help your body control and manage asthma attacks.


HEART DISEASE: it is a proven fact that regular exercise can significantly help our heart to function better. Exercises lower your blood pressure and reduce stain from your heart in order to pump more blood through it. This means, a reduced risk of blood clots. If you suffer from this chronic disease, you need to first talk to your doctor. Let him advice you which type of exercises are more suitable for your condition.



Final thoughts


Since cancer and heart disease were the cause of nearly 49% of all deaths in the United States (accordion to some stats from 2010), trying to fight them in this natural, powerful way that sometimes can even compete with the best types of pharmaceutical cures, is something you need to consider for your health.

The way we constantly use devices, medications, all kinds of gadgets and available drugs, is funny because sometimes, we forget that the best things in life, are free. Seeing physical activity as an efficient, productive and natural way to cure your body from any condition is actually a smart thing to do. Never underestimate the power of an active body. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you…




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