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The biggest race-day mistakes you must avoid

marathon mistakes


The truth is, you don’t have to be new to racing to make a mistake that might cost you a lot. When the big day comes and you’re finally ready to crush your goal, it’s normal for you to be distracted and focus only on that glorious finish-line moment. Well, the day you’ve dreamed of and invested all your free time, money, muscle injuries  and diet limitations, may be right in the corner, but, are you properly prepared for that day?


Having a game plan that will help you keep track of every single detail you must consider before hitting the road, is what experts mostly recommend every runner should do! You see, there are many things to consider and preparations you must make, in order to prevent your marathon nightmare from happening. To forget some of all the things you need to do before the big day, become easy.  Especially when the big day is nearby. After all, you are just human right?



The wrong outfit


Remember, there is nothing new on a race day! You should stick to what you know works for you and don’t overprepare yourself on the outfit and gear aspect. You see, checking the weather forecast, and knowing what clothes work for you, are the essentials things to do.  If your hair is long, don’t forget to do something with them such as pull them up or wear a professional headwear. Don’t bring too many clothes and jackets. Know what kind of outfit will be enough and stick to it. This will prevent you from pulling over to tight up your shirt or jacked tied around your waist.


Try to make a list of everything you need to bring before the big day comes. Purchase the right gear that can only help you while running. Don’t try any gear for the first time on your big race-day! You need to have known and tried a product before the race. You should be completely convinced it is necessary during your race hours. For example, professional sunglasses are a must for many runners…



You didn’t fuel up properly


What you choose to fuel your running needs is extremely important and directly affects your overall performance and injury risk. Experts recommend to always consulting your food choices with your coach. He can better determine your specific needs. He can also show you the best and easiest way to incorporate different types of nutrients into your pre and post workout meal.


Even though you might not have a coach, there exist plenty of online articles with scientifically-based tips, advices and researches that indicate the types of meals every athlete, especially runners should consume before and after the run.  Start experimenting different meal variations and find out the type and amount that works best for you. Your training sessions must be your guide.  When the big race-day comes, consuming a low-in-fiber, high in carbs and protein meal, that will boost your energy levels, is what is mostly recommended to do. Don’t forget to stay hydrated all the way through the race.


Every runner burns almost two-thirds of their total body weight in calories per mile. It is important to take your first fuel at the 10-K mark. And then, you should aim to replace around 30% of the total calories burned between there and finish line.



Line up in the wrong corral


After the many preparations you’ve made, your diet calculations, your gear organization, injury control, enough sleeping/resting hours, there is still a common mistake you must avoid when the big day arrives. It has to do with your lining before the start of the race. Remember, when participating in big races, its organizers will be ones to tell you where you should line up. That is why the specific signs and designation on your personal race rib exist.


The reason why these signs are placed is because you would want to start the race in a position where you’re surrounded by other runners who run at the same pace to yours. If you decide to start up in the front, chances for you to get trampled by the fastest runners are high. If you decide to start to far back, the chances for you to start weaving around other runners and choosing carefully where to step are also high. You wouldn’t want either one of them to happen, we can guarantee you this!




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