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5 Simplest ways to lose holiday’s weight

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December is considered to be the happiest time of the year! Christmas, the New Year ’s Eve, are all those type of celebrations that gather a family around a table full of delicious foods. But, once the plates are cleared, the only things that stay full are our stomachs. We don’t blame you; we don’t even blame ourselves for eating like it was the last day. After all, who can resist to all the delicious recipes cooked with so much love?


Don’t worry; we’ve got some great news for you and ourselves too. After researching and asking round to learn some effective and simple ways to lose all the gained weight, we think have finally found the ones. After finishing this article, we should all start following the below-mentioned advices and get our sexy body back!



Water is your new best friend

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OK, we know you’ve probably heard about water benefits and we’re here to let you know about a few more. One of the biggest mistakes people do is not being able to understand whether they are hungry or just thirsty. Unfortunately, our brain cannot separate these two feelings, so, most of the times, we mistakenly think we’re hungry but the truth is, we’re just thirty.

So, try drinking at least a glass of water before you even start eating. Also, replace usually drinks with water or at least, skip adding sugar at your daily coffees and teas. Water does not only reduces your hunger level, it also helps the digestive system to better digest and process the foods we eat.



Don’t stop eating



We know, it sounds like a crazy thing to do where you’re just trying to lose some pounds, but actually, it makes sense. You know why? Because, after binge eating during the holidays, we naturally feel the need to stop eating and eliminating all foods that contain carbs, proteins and fats. According to experts, skipping meals and trying to “stick” to low-calorie diet regimen, will only make you feel hungrier than before. When trying to lose weight, we should never skip meals. Never.

When eating “too” many fat-related foods during a day, try the next day to replace it by eating foods that contain carbs. Balancing your diet by getting all kinds of nutrition values is the best way to go! Nutriologists recommend eating a full breakfast that includes eggs, cheese, milk, fruits etc. in order to satisfy your hunger during the day. Only by doing that, you won’t carve junk and unhealthy foods during the following hours, but will have it easier to stick to fruits and vegetables and as a result, losing weight.



Use the 1/3 rule

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One of the most successful ways to shred all the extra pounds is by following the ‘one third’ rule. This rule consists on setting aside one third of your meal aside.

Whenever you sit on the table and are ready to eat, take your plate and remove from one third of your meal.

You don’t have to select the foods you eat, try just to keep them healthy filled with nutritional values. Just consume only 2/3 of the meal and you will be able to subtract more than 550 calories a day! 😉



Never set unrealistic goals


weight goals

Convincing yourself you can lose all the added weight in just a couple of weeks or a month, might be a little too unhealthy for you.

We need to set some realistic goals when calculating the average pounds we can lose in order to not get disappointed or uninspired to continue working on getting our shape back.

Expecting to lose one to two pounds a week is a logic expectation.


Go easy on sodas and alcohol



Soda drinks and alcohol are both a big source of unnecessary calories. Only one 3.5 to 4 ounce glass of wine contains almost 90 calories. Not to mention cocktails that may contain over 200 calories each!

Soft drinks like sodas are the most popular drinks containing empty calories which can only make us gain weight.

So, next time when you decide to buy or order on of these types of drinks, just try to think twice…

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