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The 5 reasons you’re not building muscle mass

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Are you one of those cases where you spend a lot of time at the gym trying to get the muscles you’ve dreamed off but with zero results? If you don’t seem to be building any muscle mass on your body, then, there might be something you’re probably doing wrong that is making you stick to the old you.


There are several things that could explain this case, but, the most important thing to do, before going to the possible reasons, is to carefully analyze each one of them to see where the issue stands.

So, stop being frustrated by the lack of results and start analyzing your routine and lifestyle so you ca then make the changes to finally appear!



You doing too much cardio


The truth is, cardio is a very important part of each type of training routine. It not only keeps your fat down, but also, strengthens the heart and makes your blood flow. But, when it comes to building muscle mass, cardio is not such a friendly exercise. It has the ability to burn the calories and put our body in a deficit mode, which is a great way to lose weight and have some lean muscles, but, unfortunately, nut building muscle mass. So, next time you hit the gym, if you belong in this case, then, try to reduce your cardio session at least in half so you can see some obvious results in your muscles mass.



You don’t stick to your routine


If you really want to put some muscles, then, the most efficient way to achieve that is by sticking to a training program that requires you to at least do three to four an intense resistance training session and one or two lighter intensity workout routines per week. You must have consistency in your specific training program if you want to achieve the results. If you rest your body for more than four days, then, you shouldn’t be surprised when seeing your muscles stay in the same shape and size.



You don’t eat enough


Muscles cannot appear by being on a diet. They require some specific amounts of nutrients in order to grow and stay that way. If you focus on eating only a “vegetarian” style of diet, then, building muscle mass can become a real challenge. In order to gain mass, your body needs protein, fat and most importantly, carbs. When these elements are in lack, your body is unable to use calories for your muscle growth and repair process. You can lift weights all day long, but eventually, you are going to build zero muscle mass without having excess calories to build the muscles. We’re not advising you to consume unhealthy, fast foods. Try to stick to a healthy, natural diet, with whole foods that can only do good on your body.



You don’t sleep/rest enough


Did you know that everything you did at the gym can never be visible without the resting or sleeping process? This is the time when our muscles start making the changes you activated at the gym. The HGH hormone is one of the most important hormones for human growth. The level of these hormones is higher when we’re sleeping. Also, the Cortisol hormone plays its part when it comes to muscle mass. It causes our muscles to break down and it’s the last thing you’ll want if you’re trying to build mass. The funny thing is this hormone gets activated when we’re stressed or super-active. That is why, resting and sleeping means you reduce the amount of it and protect your muscles better.



You do the same, old routine


Variety is something you should remember when following a training program. If you keep doing the same routine over and over again, the chances for you to hit a plateau are higher. In order to properly stimulate muscle mass, you need to add variety on your exercises. Change your angels, loads, exercises, reps so you muscles can get reactivated.



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