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3 practical ways to make you lose weight this summer

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The general rule of losing weight describes physical activity and a healthy, well-balanced diet as the two main components to bring results in a permanent and efficient way.


And that’s a fact. We are not here to put that into a discussion. If you are really trying to lose those extra pounds and get back in shape as soon as possible, especially since summer is already here, you need to convince  yourself that without a proper physical activity program and a well-balance diet, no results will be efficient.


You see, losing weight is not only about the physical aspect of your body. Losing weight also means a stronger, healthier and more flexible you. It means you are less in risk of suffering from diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Losing weight means you get to put your bikini or your favorite outfit on and rock the day without feeling down.


In order to do so, you need to see the “losing-weight” process as something that contains realistic steps that you need to take on a daily basis. Without setting realistic and healthy goals, you will not only lose time and money, but also patience and motivation.


The real benefit the below-mentioned tips can bring you is related to your attitude towards food. Without changing your diet and the way you see each meal and its values, no other measure can bring you the wanted results.



Control your portions


Whenever we are served a certain meal, we automatically assume that is the amount we need to eat. Well, not everyone has the same needs and goals. You cannot expect that amount of food to always be the right one for your body and expectations. Try to control what you eat by downsizing a little bit. Choose smaller plates to make the food in it look bigger. Remember, you don’t have to always finish what’s left on the plate…sometime, especially during the late hours, its best for you to stop eating once you’ve gone through half of your meal.



Watch out to Mild Hunger


Many people struggle to lose weight due to several hunger anxieties. They believe the worst thing to happen to them is being hungry. That is why; they take constant measures by packing all kinds of snacks with them to eat whenever they feel hungry. Well, eating snacks all day might be the one habit to make you stay out of shape.


Your body doesn’t need food at all times. Even though you might feel a little hungry that doesn’t mean you need to immediately consume something.


Just because it’s already 4 pm or you’re bored, doesn’t mean you should run and get an energy bar. Ideally, according to the experts, you should eat only when your stomach is growling and you find yourself difficult to concentrate.



Exercise in the right way


Working out means you burn calories, boost your metabolism and lose fat. But, only because you get to have all these benefits doesn’t mean you should over-exercise in order to achieve faster results. People, who are constantly trying to lose weight, occasionally find themselves spending more than 2 hours at the gym with the main intention to lose as many calories as possible.


Well, overestimating the number of calories you spent and underestimating the ones you take in, is definitely a big mistake you can do.


Sending the body into the starvation mode means everything you’ll consume will be deposited as fat. You should never over-train and under-eat. Try to find the right balance between your training sessions and the food you choose to consume right after. No more than 1 hour of high intensity training.  And always, always consume a protein and carb-based meal after each training session.



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