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2 most popular training misconceptions busted!

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Don’t allow misconceptions hold your perfect body back. If you’ve training and trying all kinds of physical activities for many years, and still haven’t been close to creating your dream body, then, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you’re doing something wrong. We’ve brought today for you, the two most popular training related myths and misconceptions that for years have kept people away from believing they can achieve their body goals. If you’re just like most of the people, then you’re probably messing up your training routine because of these commonly believed misconceptions. Pay close attention to these bad habits and stop continuing doing them if you’re thriving for not only a fit looking body, but a healthy one too.

  1. Muscles turn into fat If you stop training

You’ve probably heard it many times before, or maybe you are one of the people who believe it. This misconception of muscles turning into fat and the opposite is so commonly believed that has almost made us doubt the science behind it. First of all, muscles and fat are two, completely different things. They can never transform into each other, it is impossible to happen. Fat is directly related to your calorie intake. The problem with getting fat is because we eat more calories than our body actually needs in order to turn them into energy and work on different life necessities. So, when eating more than is actually spent, our body stores them into fat. Mostly in our belly, thighs and arms.

On the other hand, muscles are a group of fibers which cover most of our bones and their main intention is to protect our organism and body. The reason why so many people get confused it’s because  when training, our muscle’s mass increases, it stretches and make the fat look slimmer and or body thinner. Also, spending more energy means burning fat.  So we get to lose that excess  fat and build muscles, is not that our fat is turning into muscles. Also, when we stop training our muscles atrophies. Then, the fat has more space to move and it instantly gives a sense of a fatter body.

  1. Strength training will make us bulky

Second most common misconception people, especially women, have, is related to strength training. In fact, it is true that strength training can increase your muscle mass and make you look bigger. But, strength training can do so much more if you want it to! You should see lifting weights as something adjustable, as a tool you can make it do anything for you. If you want to look skinny, strength training can definitely make you achieve that faster than any other kind of physical activity. If you ask it to build mass and make your body look bigger and fuller, then it can also do that job. The key is to perform a high number of repetitions for each weight training exercise. Then you will gain strength without building too much muscle mass.

Remember: when you pick up heavy weights, your muscles will definitely get stronger, but they will not necessarily get bigger. If you eat a specific high-in calorie diet, then all your training work will be delivered into building muscle mass. Its pure logic. Also, your body with get toned in a way no cardio exercise can do it. Did you know that we can strength train without lifting a single weight? Tons of strength training exercises you can choose from. Including strength training on your workout routine will definitely increase your cardio performance. Also your endurance in almost any other activity and will fit your body.

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