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  A triathlete has died while participating at the yesterday’s 300-mile mega-triathlon from Marble Arch in Central London to Paris’s Arc de Triomphe.   Triathlete, aged 44, had already been able to run from London to Dover but he struggled during the swimming segment. Eventually, he decided to give up…


  August, Manila, Philippines: Triathlete dies while competing in Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 in Cebu.   Unfortunately, the athlete wasn’t able to make it to the finish line while participating in the yesterday’s Ironman 70.3 Philippines.   Despite many people gave him the first help, it was a little too late…

Mark Lloyd

  Mark Lloyd, a benefit cheat who not a long time ago won a triathlon and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro while claiming he was unable to walk more than 50 meters is now in jail!   After triathlete’s claims, and a supposedly slipped disc in his back that had kept him…

Corbin Subaru Ironman Canada 2017

  After running down at McBridge, Corbin became the official Subaru Ironman Canada winner of the season. She was able to overcome a 7-minute deficit through a phenomenal 50-minute swim which gave her the lead of up to three minutes over Rachel Joyce and Karen Thibodeau.   Despite everyone thought this…

Mario Mola WTS

  Spain’s Mario Mola was the ultimate winner in the yesterday’s WTS event in Edmonton in a race that consisted of a 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run.   On the other hand, Jonny Brownlee was only able to get the fourth place after previously claiming his physical condition…

Subaru Ironman 2017

  It is official; the Whistler IRONMAN 70.3 and IRONMAN Canada will continue until 2020. The Resort Municipality of Whistler and Tourism Whistler have renewed the contract and they will continue to host the Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 and the Subaru IRONMAN Canada events until 2020.   The year when the…


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