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How can Jumping transform your fitness goals?

jumping for weight loss


One of the main reasons people don’t stick to a certain workout routine is because they get easily bored with it. You see, when you consider training as something that can only bring you good but you don’t quote enjoy it, adding variety into that program becomes necessary for you.


Losing all your extra pounds and keeping your body healthy isn’t easy, we all know that. But, you don’t have to get bored from your training routine either. Did you know that according to a survey by National Human Activity Pattern, more than 80 percent of all Americans spent 92 percent of their time indoors or driving? Did you also know that people living in US spend an average of 11 hours sitting in a day?


Well, these numbers are not a big surprise. Especially since most of the jobs today must be performed in front of a computer. The last thing these people would like to do, is to get ready and start training when the only thing they want is something to cheer their day up. That is why, according to fitness fanatics, this is one of the many reasons to add jumping moves into your workout routine.



Why jumping?


Have you ever thought that fighting gravity and adding a little extra fun and levity to your training routine might be the thing you’ve been missing all this time? We know you probably are skeptical to add such as fun-looking activity and expect results right? Well, we cannot blame your doubts. But, we can assure you after learning how much the fitness world regards the jumping exercises, you will be amazed and completely convinced about this method’s benefits.





Jumping exercises keep your cardiovascular system in shape


We all know giving your body a good mount of cardio-oriented exercises is the perfect way to keep the heart healthy and strong. Jumping exercises will not only make your heart pumping, they can also increase the oxygen intake and regulate its absorption and utilization by your body. More oxygen in your body means more energy to keep your basic body functions in shape.


According to some studies made, only 30 minutes of trampoline or rope training a day, provided a significant increased cardiovascular fitness level. Also the calories spent were insanely high.



Jumping moves tone your body


Who doesn’t like a toned, sexy body especially when the bikini season is right in the corner? No matter how funny and childish jumping exercises might seem to you, no one can ever doubt their potentials. They have the ability to properly use and tone your leg muscles. Also, the core abdominal ones by providing you a strong, well-balanced body shape. Many fitness experts agree that jumping exercises can actually do more than that when it comes tone your body.  Jumping ropes, trampoline or some other aerobic jumping exercises, can actually work on many other muscles on your body. They can make quite a difference when compared to the most common cardio-aerobic-toning-oriented exercises or machines.



You’ll burn some serious calories


The question whether you’ll burn enough calories while jumping is sure to be on everyone’s mind. Keep in mind that, you will hardly burn that much calories while performing any other exercise for the same amount of time. Only 15 minutes of jumping exercises can guarantee you’ll burn more than 100 calories. The best part; you won’t even feel like you’re training and you’ll just have fun!

Fast fact:  For every excess pound on the body, the weight places around 4 pounds of pressure on our knees. So if we’re 20 pounds overweight, the pressure amount on our knees goes to 80 pounds when running or walking. This case increases the risk of serious knee inquires. On the other hand, jumping moves create the perfect conditions by offering you a platform that minimizes knee pressure to almost 0 percent! And it still will offer you the same amount of cardiovascular and not only amount of training.


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