Breaking: Heavy Rain to threaten Milan-Sanremo
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Breaking: Heavy Rain to threaten Milan-Sanremo



Extreme weather conditions have returned back after a sunny Thursday when teams traveled to Milan for the start of Milan-Sanremo race which is set to begin on Saturday, Mar. 17.


However, today, soon after waking up, riders quickly realized that the heavy rain which has started overnight might somehow affect Saturday’s Milan-Sanremo event. Especially after the terrible weather conditions many teams had to face in 2013.


At that time, the freezing temperatures and heavy snow made race organizers to neutralize the event. They had to move the riders as far as they could from the area. After making sure everyone was safe, they reduced the race along the Ligurian coast towards San Remo. Vincenzo Nibali described that day as “the day I suffered the most in my life” to La Gazzetta dello Sport.


Embracing the rain


Unfortunately, local forecast has shown signs of heavy rain that may last all day on Saturday on which the 291km race is set to start. The conditions have forced teams to take extra measures to deal with the cold and rain. They brought extra clothing and are feeding the riders with rich foods to make them strong enough to handle the 7-hour long race.


On Saturday rain will most probably start at around 9am in Milan. It will likely be present throughout the 150km ride to the Turchino and the road towards Genoa.

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