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The best time during the day for maximizing your fitness goals

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Everyone has their own preferences whether to work out early in the morning or late in the evening. Most importantly, you get to move your body and work on your issues, whether it can be weight loos, a better sleep, to build muscle mass or just to keep your fitness level and body weight in shape.


The science which studies how our body clock works is called chronobiology. Its main intention is to calculate the effect of time on our physical activity performance. Also, many researches have gone deeper and have tried to find the exact right hour during a day when a person’s training has some specific benefits or disadvantages when thriving a curtain goal.



If your goal is to lose weight


According to the above mentioned studies, experts have come to an interesting conclusion. When it comes to weight loss, both, a morning and evening workout can do the job. When coming to this point, some studies favorite morning exercises, especially for women over 40s. This might be due the fact that in the morning, especially before consuming breakfast, our body tends to spend more energy by not depending only on the food we’ve eaten before during that day. Also, some other studies have found some noticeable changes on women who loved and practiced evening exercises. The changings on their body weight were almost at the same amount like the women which used to train in the early hours. Evening activity can also change your eating schedule. It makes you want to eat more in the morning and less during the late hours. And that is a very good thing actually. So, considering both, morning and evening physical activity, can bring some true changes on your body weight. Feel free to choose and don’t skip a single exercise….



If you’re main goal is to build muscles


Evenings are considered to be the best time of the day if your main intention is to increase your muscle size. According to some researches, both, man and women, when training during the late hours were able to build up almost 2,5% more muscles size and strength compared with men and women who chose to push their workout routine in the morning. Afternoons are considered to be the times when people are probably going to set some new records on their workout routine. So, hitting the gym right after work might be a great idea. Experts also recommend a protein snack before and after each workout. Beware; the snack should not contain more than 40 grams of protein.



Stress relief and a better sleep


One of the main reasons people want to workout, despite the first two ones, is to relief all the accumulated stress. Also, to improve their sleeping process. Well, if you’re that person, then you should immediately set up your alarm as early as you can and start moving. When deciding to train in the early hours, your blood pressure will decrease. Especially during the night hours when you’re sleeping, it will drop at least 25% more than it was before. You will experience some deeper sleeping cycles and your in-bed hours will extend. Morning exercising routine is especially ideal for people over 40s. It keeps your cardiovascular system in shape and the most important: Your stress and anxiety levels will drop mostly because of the qualitative sleep you can expect to have.



Final tip: Regardless everything studies and experts say; only you can decide and know when the right time to workout is. The key to results is based only on your personal hard work and persistency. Whether you train in the morning, during lunch time, in the evening or late at night, a workout is still a workout. If it’s done right, and if you don’t give up keeping your body moving, only good things can happen to you. Choose a training routine suitable for your basic fitness needs. Feel free to choose either you’ll be open to advices or you will just go with the flow…


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