BC chief executive, Harrington says Froome’s case harmed cycling
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BC chief executive Harrington says Froome’s case ‘harmed’ cycling



No one can deny the impact Froome’s failed doping test case has left among everyone somehow involved in the cycling world. The four-time Tour de France winner, despite his team’s claims, failed the test conducted through his urine where twice the allowed level of a forbidden asthma drug was found on September, in the middle of Vuelta a Espana where the champion took the crown.


However, it seems that the publicity that is surrounding Chris Froome’s case has caused a strong reputational blow. And that not only to the champion, but the entire sport, according to Julie Harrington, the British Cycling chief executive.


Harrington admitted that she was quite disappointed that this delicate case involving one of the cycling’s greatest riders, had become such a trending topic. “The issue in this case is that the process was leaked. And while somebody is trying to prove either way why they had that adverse analytical finding it’s being debated in the court of public opinion,” Harrington said during an interview.


“That’s a blow to cycling’s reputation, the individual athlete’s reputation. You only need to look at Twitter feeds and the comments below articles. People will make up their own mind based on not having the full evidence, which is a shame.”


“I would rather that information hadn’t been leaked. And we were able to deal either with a situation where an athlete is banned. And then as a national governing body it’s pretty clear what our position is. Or, alternatively, where the athlete was able to prove a real reason for that AAF. And then carry on with their careers as normal.”



Following medical instructions




According to the Double Grand Tour winner, it was the increased dosage of medication which came as an advice by his team;s doctor that caused him to fail the test. Froome says that it were his worsened asthma symptoms during the Vuelta that made the doctor suggest the drug.


However, even though British Cycling was totally aware of this case’s details, Froome was still selected to compete representing Great Britain at the world time trial championships where the champion has previously won a bronze medal.


“Chris Froome isn’t banned and he is available for selection,” she said. “There is an option for an athlete to rule themselves out of being available for selection. Chris hasn’t chosen to do that. So, under the rules of racing he is available and it’s innocent until proven guilty.”


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