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Alex Lee

  Just a couple of days ago, people were reporting and witnessing one of the most stunning performances that the European and World Cup Junior Duathlon champion, Alex Lee was giving.   Unfortunately, it seems the luck wasn’t on the same page with the young talent when he had a…

Heart rate

Training tools have matured to a point that makes training methods more scientific. Universal terminologies like zone-training, power meter training (Watts), heart rate (HR), or “perceived rate of exertion” (RPE or PE) are used by many training programs. While all of these approaches have great advantages, they can become confusing,…

Joanna Brown

  The Canadian 24-year old triathlete, Joanna Brown, finished in third place at the women’s sprint race organized in Calgary, Italy. The silver-medal winner in the New Plymouth, New Zealand’s World Cup race held in April admitted to feel amazingly good to be back on the podium.   She added: “I…


  A couple of days ago, the USA triathlon announced for the first time the launch of a new inaugural WIN program, also known as the Woman’s Initiative which is a series of 18 sport’s events to be held across the country. They are especially designed to attract women’s participation,…

Sandman triathlon 2017

  Always Aim High events are the ones that have given the great news of a brand new Duathlon competition; Sandman Duathlon. The race is officially added to the popular Sandman Triathlon race that will take place in September this year.   The truth is, Sandman Duathlon which will start on…

Henderson Harbor Triathlon

  Sad news made public for Henderson Harbor Triathlon participants…   High levels of Lake Ontario’s water has forced the Henderson Harbor Triathlon organizers to cancel this year’s competition. Originally, the event was scheduled to happen on 8th of July. Henderson Harbor Boat Launch, Benefits of the Children’s Home of Jefferson…


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