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banana for athletes

      Let’s suppose you don’t have time to be constantly preparing and cooking your meals. But, on the other hand, you know you should be careful of what you consume, especially if you’re an endurance sport’s athlete which is constantly challenging him/herself to the limits. The right diet is…

cardiovascular exercises

  First of all, you must know what does Cardiovascular Training really means. We’re pretty sure you hear this phrase all the time. But, what is the definition of this type of physical activity? Why is it so important especially for endurance athletes?   Scientifically speaking, a cardiovascular training routine…

fitness program

  Having great inspirations in life is not a bad thing at all! By dreaming big, chances for you to achieve and work for what you want are higher. But, unfortunately, when it comes to your body goals, it’s best for you to start increasing your expectations with time.  …

oxygen level

  The main reason to control and learn about your oxygen and other gases condition circulating in your blood, is to analyze how efficiently and effectively you are in processing and taking in the oxygen. This indicator will control, help you analyze and measure your athletic level and physical capabilities.…

leg pain

  Have you ever wondered how come your calves and legs in general feel achy after each training routine? What is actually contributing to these symptoms and what can you really do?   Don’t worry, most of the people experience pain in different body parts. Especially after an intense workout…


  Flexibility, when defined, is the range of motions at a certain joint, or else said, the speed it can move from one point to the other. It gives quality, precision and definition to every move. As a result, we get to be more functional in our everyday chores.  …


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