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5k Foam Fest

Race Details

5k Foam Fest

: 3 miles
Race Date: Saturday, June 9, 2012
Start Time: 9:00 am
Entry Fee: 40.00
Location: County Rancho San Rafael Park
Address: 1595 North Seri Street
City/State/Zip: Reno, Nevada 89520
Country: USA
Race Website:

Course information: The 5K Foam Fest is a one of a kind event. We make it a fun and exciting challenge for experienced and beginner runners alike. We pack the race with obstacles of all sorts. This event is made to be family friendly with a festival/carnival atmosphere. The 5K Foam Fest makes exercising an absolute party! 

Race Reviews
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Posted by triggermouse on 2/18/2012 10:35:29 PM
I did this race in Utah last year, and it was just a total blast for me. I'm not usually a huge fan of 5k runs, but all the obstacles and what not just made it a ton of fun. Definitely going to do it again this year.
Posted by ryanmc on 5/20/2012 7:16:39 PM
Email sent to organizer! To say this race was a dissapointment would be being kind. My team was really upset with this race! 1. Registration lines were slow and disorganized. They ran out of t-shirt sizes and medals that people had actually purchased, myself included. You owe me a xl t-shirt and one medal. 2. Drinking water. There should have been free drinking water available before the race. You are in a desert with heat that is 90+ degrees! 3. Drinking water again. During the race the water stations didn't have drinking water plus there were only two where there should have been four. I finally did see an ATV handing out water bottles so I headed for it. When I got to it there was still water on the back and when I reached for it the guy barreled off rudely. This goes beyond dangerous to just outright stupid, remember 90+ degree heat! 4. Unsafe obstacle. The hay bales had no back step bale making it unsafe to climb over. 5. Broken obstacles. The spider web rope climb was detached from the frame on the left side so that runners had to hold it while others climbed. There should have also been safety staff at this obstacle and it should have been fixed or banned from use. I walked around this obstacle as well as my friends. 6. Where you say "WTF: What the foam?" I say "WTF: Where's the foam? or What the *^)#?". Both slip and slides complety ran out of foam and I got very little at the car wash thing. This was a foam race right? 7. The mud! Normally I wouldn't complain about mud except for the fact there was no place to wash it off. Where were the showers? Oh that's right you didn't have them, only two hoses with no pressure with an hour plus wait. I had to go to a local car wash and get pressure washed off. You owe me and a friend $6. 8. Beer. I had a ticket and looked for the beer station but alas there was no beer to be had. You didn't run out, you simply didn't provide what you said you would. This pissed off a lot of people! 9. Pre-race and post race festivities. Where were they? Non-existent! This was mentioned in the write-up. 10. Prizes. I didn't hear annoucement for prizes being given away. This was also in the write up. What did you give away? 11. 5K? This was not a 5K! If that was three plus miles the walk to my mailbox is ten miles. 12. Facebook. Funny how one day you have a Facebook page and the next, nothing. How quick you are to tuck tail and run! Were you afraid of some bad press? Well I have news for you, there are countless blogs already buzzing about how bad this was. A wise move on your part would have been to offer a public apology and respond to each and every feedback post. The removal of the Facebook page says one thing "We did it for the money and public be damned!". Would I reccomend this to people in other cities? "NO". Would I go again? "NO" Do you owe me and others a refund? "YES" If anything I would be worried about a class action lawsuit. Arizona is full of hungry laywers! The race was mislabled as a 5K and things that were promised were not delivered. I would say thank you but what would I be thanking you for?
Posted by 5k foam fest on 9/25/2012 2:20:39 PM
Thank you for all of the feedback on the 5k Foam Fest. Your reviews have helped us to improve our race and implement better policies for the future. We have been rapidly growing over the last year and in that growth we have learned. Running out of supplies such as foam and water is a thing of the past. We now come to each race stocked for multiple races so there is no fear of running low. Also, we are prepared with back up water supplies so that we never have to disappoint or put our racers in harm ever again. We understand that no one likes waiting in lines so we have made adjustments to compensate for that too! We now have more staffing at registration which means more people available to help and drastically shorter lines as well as staffing throughout the course. Staffing members throughout the course are equipped with radios and placed throughout the course to direct runners and help everything run smoothly and safe. We have also doubled up on our obstacles to do away with bottle necking and lines there also. So instead of one slip and slide there is now two! We hope that you will join us again next year and allow us to show you the improvements we have made. Hope to see you in Foam!!!
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