Calming the Mind

Calming the mind is a simple way to improve race performance and, more importantly, make each of us more fun to be around.  Stressing out about training and races is a common behavior among triathletes...just ask those around us.    So it goes without saying that reducing unnecessary mental stress related to training and racing is one way to get an edge over your competition and make you more popular around the house.


Here are a few ways I go about calming my mind.


1. Breath.  Sit with your back against a wall and legs crossed.  Count to ten slowly and on each count breath in and out once.  Practice completely emptying your mind...this will take time.  Each week add a ten count until you get to 6-10 repetitions.  Try it.  It's simple and it works.


2. Do Yoga.  Yoga serves several purposes.  Whether using a DVD or going to a class, yoga focuses the mind, which helps reduce stress.  Besides, you get the other great benefits of improved strength, balance, and flexibility.


3. Stretch.  Now this is focused stretching so unless you're watching a strecthing DVD turn off the TV, close your eyes as must as possible, and breath.  Focus on slow relaxed breathing...deep breathing will allow you to relax your muscles and your mind.


Getting to the starting line as calm and relaxed as possible will help you use your energy to do what we all want to do...Go Faster.