Austn Fit August 2011 Issue

Hollie Kenney
38, USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified coach
head Masters coach at Red Giants Masters Swimming
head running coach at Wild Basin Fitness

Ask anyone who trains with Hollie Kenney and there’s a similar theme. Her clients have described her as caring, having everyone’s best interests at heart and incredibly dedicated to her client’s goals. She coaches athletes of all levels online as well as in person.

Meet Kenney, and it’s obvious why there is so much praise. She’s vibrant and patient. These are important qualities in a mother to a 13-month-old daughter, especially one with a packed daily schedule. Her daughter, Montannah, accompanies Kenney to all her training, which starts at 5 A.M. To add to her resume, Kenney’s also an active member of the Texas Beef Council’s BEEF Running Team, and she started a volunteer program that provides volunteer opportunities at various local races.


How do you balance such a busy work and fitness schedule?

The old adage "The more things you do, the more you can do" holds true for me. The more that's on my plate, the more focused and disciplined I have to be. Training has always be a priority to me. I treat it like a meeting on my calendar.

What’s something important you learned that you share with your clients?
As an athlete, I learned early on that there are going to be good days and there are going bad days. The bad days simply make the good days all the better. Your body isn't going to perform the way you want it to every day and that's OK. I share this with my athletes on a regular basis.

What’s your diet like, and what’s your favorite cheat meal?
I like to eat healthy and stick to fresh fruits, veggies and lean beef. When I grocery shop, I try to keep to the outer edges of the store where all the fresh foods are. My favorite cheat meal is Margarita Pizza. And I love licorice.

You haven’t introduced Montannah to sugar. What about her diet?
She is my role model for eating! She loves fresh veggies, fruits and lean meats. I only feed her organic foods and try to stay away from anything processed. I don't want her eating refined sugar since there is nothing good about it.

How was working out pregnant compared to working out not pregnant?
Pregnant women should consult their doctors before exercising. As an athlete, I knew I could push my body to higher intensity levels than average pregnant women. I enjoyed low intensity levels, racing and I swam until the day before I gave birth to Montannah. Exercising while pregnant helps you bounce back quickly, and in my case, I was racing three months after delivery. Then I placed third overall at the Austin Sprint Triathlon, despite a nagging calf injury.

What’s your favorite Austin activity?
I love SUP! I'm in the market to get a board and paddle. Austin offers so many great activities, and that is why I moved here from Maryland. I love that you can train outside year-round and that the city is so exercise friendly.

Who is your fitness role model and why?
Truthfully, my hat always goes off to the everyday amateur who amazingly strikes a balance between full-time jobs, family and their sport. They are my true heroes.