Gordon Haller Iron and Physathlon Pioneer

Gordon Haller raced in the Lanzarote/Canary Islands Iron Man on his way to Hawaii, except that he's already won the first Iron Man. This represents an over 35 year span of competing in Iron Man competitions, with him covering five decades and the largest span starting in the Spring of 1978. Note that he also did the Hawaiian Iron Man in 2003 and 2010. For those who want to follow his activities, the web site is http://www.ironmanlanzarote.com/athletes/general-info. As you know when Gordon resided here, he helped me with the Physathlon and we trained together. For a recent picture, Gordon can be seen on the Tri-Physathlon information page on the imathlete.com website in the photo section. Gordon Haller was one of the reasons I competed in the Double Iron Triathlons in Huntsville and later Virginia/Lake Anna in 1985, 1988, 1989, 1993, 1994, and 2001, and Iron Plus distance (5 mile swim, 130 bike, and 30 mile walk/run) in 2005, when I spoke at the 20th anniversary of the Double Iron Triathlon. They are doing the Iron Plus for us codgers that cannot make the full Double Iron distance. Again many congratulations for all the Iron competitors, as well as the sprint champs, and all points in between. We are looking forward to some equidistant moves in the future. Happy training for everyone in the spring and also congratulations go to Rich Anton 1990 top American finisher, and upper place finisher in 1993, and also my help as support crew in 1988, 1989, 1993. In 1993 he had plenty of time to rest before  I made it to the finish line that year. Also, congratulations to Nick Nicholson, a 2010 Double Iron finisher, and upper place Triple Iron finisher in 2012. This mention only scratches the talent of the different competitors mentioned in your club newsletters.
We are having a Tri-Physathlon July 27 and 28 with the Music City Triathlon providing the cardiovascular portion of the Physathlon. The weight resistance portion will be held at the Edge Fitness Center near the old Acme Sports site. There will be 4-10 repetition weight activities. Gordon is considering coming out this summer for the Tri-Physathlon. Additional information can be found on imathlete.com, running.net, trifind.com, and active.com. Gordon helped me start with the revitalization of the Physathlon in 2002, and now other people are helping me with it, as well, as well as some old hands from the 1980s and late disco moving era.
Also, I'm graduating from TSU with my doctorate studying the original cross-training movement with additional aspects in cross-training that the Physathlon had been in the 1980s, and reaching back to the 1970s with a fitness contest. As some people, the Physathlon was the original cross-training movement not tied to any one club or specific weight lifting movement-disciplines. Our work concerning Physathlon will be at the Lutcher Stark Center at the University of Texas, Austin. Some articles are already at the Stark Center. After some heavy soul-searching, committee pushing we hope to make the various Physathlon events more palatable for people, and well as getting people to train more safely. No one can say that Gordon Haller has suffered from his weight and balance program, used since the 1960s. We are also hoping to have different venues and different challenges, as well as helping re-develop interest for weight divisions (Clydesdale/Athena) and weight activities of multi-repetition sorts. It should be recognized that Gordon has been a pioneer in more than just Iron Man. He is an Iron Mover from the early days. O.k. enough of this ad. Thank you to all of the clubs that have put the Physathlon on the web sites, and for including this information concerning Gordon Haller's continued activity in the Iron Man competition. If you could please put us on your "announcement" page, including the above web site link to the Lanzarote/Canary Islands Iron Man. Gordon has not been given enough credit for his achievements. He is so good in relating to beginning to advanced triathletes, track enthusiasts, walkers, runner, and those with a keen interest in weights and combination moves without one size of activity fitting all or an individual, even. We hope to have some more developments in the future. Stay in touch. At 63 and 64 we are somehow "bristling, and moving", with six decades of training. Believe it or not we were both into modern dance at one time, and only one of us took up the mantle of dancing cheerman for MTSU and UTK, as well as dancing and cheering for over ten hours at the Country Music Marathon. I had a great time encouraging the runners after the Boston Marathon tragedy by setting up shop at the viaduct at the ten mile mark for the last two hours. Getting partially drenches was very well worth it, and I was much wetter than if I had participated in a five mile swim.

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