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Thea Skanes

Tri 4 Fun Training

Scotch Plains, NJ

[email protected]

Let Tri 4 Fun Training help you reach your goals.  Tri 4 Fun Training offers Coaching Packages and Training Plans ranging from personalized one on one training to Tri 4 Fun Premium, Silver and Bronze training plan packages that include a monthly training plan based on your fitness level and goals, use of training and tracking software, as well as scheduled calls with your coach.  12 week Training Plans and One-on-one training can be customized for beginners or for experienced racers looking to improve performance, strengthen weak areas or work back from or avoid injury.  See how working with an experienced trainer can take the stress and uncertainty out of the training process letting you focus on having fun and achieving your goals.

Thea specializes in teaching the triathlete in how to swim more efficiently and how to tackle the swim portion of the triathlon with ease.  Her experience comes from years of 5 years competitive swimming,13 years of  teaching swim lessons to all levels and participating in triathlons herself for over 11 years. She is also a Total Immersion Coach.   She currently teaches Total Immersion, group & private lessons, masters workouts, and triathlon swim classes at RWJ Rayway Fitness and Wellness Center in Scotch Plains.

Thea Skanes, Certified USA Triathlon (Level 1) , USA Cycling (Level 3) Coach, Total Immersion Coach and Personal Trainer , has more than 11 years of triathlon experience.  Her knowledge of swimming is acquired from her participation in competitions along with teaching classes of all levels from beginners to masters.  After running in four marathons, countless half marathons and other road races Thea began searching for another sport that would provide a challenge for her competitive spirit.  It was not until her mid thirties when friends introduced her to the world of triathlons.  She purchased a bike and in a short period of time, she excelled in cycling as well.  Participating in triathlons soon became, and remains her passion.  She consistently places in the top five in her age group.