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Mike Bowers



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Initial visit and consultation: This is a look at your past and current fitness level. With this we can establish goals and decide how to achieve these goals in a safe and healthy manner. Assessment of body composition and helping to establish a healthy diet plan will also be included. $250. Physical and Massage Therapist available. A four week workout schedule to coincide with your existing hectic schedule. $200 One hour personal training session: $ 80 Bike Fit: $125

Coaching beginner Triathletes, Running Form, Bike fit, and Nutrition contact Mike Bowers [email protected]

I competed in my first sprint Triathlon in 1991. Since then have raced in numerous Triathlons including 12 Irons as well as a full Ironman in 2006 and 2008. As a USAT certified coach, race director and competitor you will get a full spectrum of the sport. I believe in a healthy and safe training program, one that will make your Triathlon experience an enjoyable one. Three important areas that will be stressed include exercise, nutrition and rest. These 3 components willl play a major part in your success.