Coach Details
Coach: Sonic Fitness
Company: Sonic Fitness
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Services: Training Plans for Triathlon, Lactate Threshold Testing (non-invasive), Swimming stroke analysis and instruction, Triathlon Coaching, CompuTrainer Multi-rider, Marathon Coaching, and more.
Specialities: Triathlon, Ironman Distances and shorter
Background: Sonic Fitness was formed in early 2008 to provide training and coaching for athletes interested in getting some professional help with competition and performance in Swimming, Running, Cycling, Duathlon, and Triathlon events. Joe Courtney and Michael Williams provide individualized training plans, coaching for athletes of all ages, and technical assistance with training devices drawing from their experience in triathlon events, from Ironman through sprint distances. Both Joe and Michael are Level 1 Certified USA Triathlon Coaches and Category 4 USA Triathlon Officials.
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